Monday, August 15, 2011

Prehistoric Penetration By LUX

I commissioned this early this year from the talented artist know as Lux. I wanted him to depict Romer giving Amron some very special anal treatment! ^_^ The image turned out really awesome as you can see! Amrons expression is priceless. Romer and Amron are super buff and posed very nicely. I especially love the little details like Romers scales. I have plans to have this colored in the near future. I have to thank Lastmanouthere, because he helped a lot in the development of this image in many ways, but especially as an outstanding interpreter and translator.


  1. Talk about getting some tail... :-)

    I agree, Lux did a great job on this! It'll look good colored, too.

  2. Love this!! Thanks a TON DP!! :D
    - urbanmusiq

  3. :D damn hot! Amron is getting a very phrehistoric treatment :D

  4. That game seems to have had so much potential. I wonder why they didn't do MORE with it. Ya know?

  5. I replied in the wrong post o.o


  6. LOL I just noticed that since I looked at the comment in my mail folder first! :P That's okay. I think a nice thought would be that Magic Sword and King of Dragons sorta all go together with Knights of the Round, Quiz and Dragons and Capcoms Dungeons and Dragons games. Still you would think they would have made actual sequels to these games during their time of popularity eh? I don't want to see Capcom of today try to tackle them.



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