Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Totally Retro Sega Sonic Comic

I was at Wal-Mart last week looking for some crossword and word search books when this comic caught my eye. As a Sonic fan, this was an instant purchase. Gosh has it really been 20 years since I first laid eyes on the blue one on Gamepro cover in my local Max's Milk. Time sure flies...
The next cover tries to replicate Sonic 2, but I think it's just a bit too off to really capture the feel the first cover does. I wonder how they will handle Sonic 3 and if they will go into CD? Probably not.

The Archie comics are okay. They bring back all their characters for this retelling of Sonics history. They even bring in the regular animal characters like Flicky. They don't talk though. It's a nice little tribute. I would love to have seen them publish the first Sonic The Hedgehog comic ever as part of a bonus. I got my copy inside EGM many years ago. Dang..Am I that old? -_- If you have never seen it check it out. It's pretty cute. Happy 20th Birthday Sonic. You may not be as good as you used to be, but I won't ever forget the good times!

This is where the comic ended in EGM.

The first two images of Sonic?
That's Madonna in the red skirt. She dresses similar to Pauline from Donkey Kong, doesn't she?


  1. If I remember correctly, these are from GamePro mag way back

  2. Yep I do believe it was in there too! Hey Fallen, imagine my surprise when I found out nothing from the official comic was actually implemented into the games story, or manual. Ah, Sega. Boy was the US manual lacking!

  3. Oh Sonic... I miss the high quality of the 2D games. Even Sonic 4 didn't quite take me back as much. I love him, I remember back in the early 90s, he was the reason I wanted a Genesis. Oh how time flies. SO many franchises are having landmark anniversaries this and last year.



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