Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mickey Mouse Makes Gigolo Joke And Beats a Gay Man?

I love reading those old Mickey Mouse Comic strips. The people who made Epic Mickey claimed to be trying to bring back his mischievous side and that side is really strong in these strips. (They should have researched these strips for a whole plethora of long lost characters, but that's a topic for another post, on another blog.) Back in May of 1931, Mickey Mouse was working blue. Here's a joke about Gigolos!

Yes Mickeys definition of the word is correct. At least it is on some slang sites. I noticed that Wikipedia now lists the word spelled with a G as also meaning a male prostitute.

Mickey Beats a gay man?

The message this daily strip from Micky Vs Kat Nipp gives is slightly confusing. Here, after spending days trying to find out what Kat Nipp looks like, Mickey is frightened by a large cat that comes out of the house. (Thinking he is Kat Nipp.) After finding out the character is not Kat Nipp, but (for lack of a better word) a fairy, he kicks him in the ass. I have to wonder if he did this as a result of him being a cat, that he scared Mickey, because he's gay, or a little of all three? The character never appears again. Maybe this was a joke that's basis has been all but lost in time. It's rare to see Mickey beat anyone without just cause, so the strip is a bit of an anomaly.

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