Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Twincest!

God help me, I'm doing a post about a cheesy live action Japanese show. I randomly found out about this show while looking for Tiger & Bunny stuff. Ouran High School Host Club was a huge obsession with a straight friend of mine. I was often unwillingly made into part of the audience of the show at his place. I wasn't huge on the anime. However, I gave this one a chance for laughs. I found myself enjoying the show. True, it's more then slightly overacted and is kind of a train wreck, but it made me laugh and the novelty of seeing people acting like anime characters is kinda fun. Mostly I find myself going back to it because of the men, which are way sexier then their anime counterparts. Most especially the Takagi twins.

Yeah I know they are acting, but I have a funny feeling they aren't really good actors so a little bit of me wants to believe that twincest stuff might be just a little real! XD (One had a role in the Prince of Tennis musical, so that adds fuel to the fire!)

If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, you should check it out. It's nice to see a show with so much focus on the male characters. I could never see a show like this being produced in North America. These guys would all have their asses kicked on a daily bases. (Kinda sad in a way.)

Oh no, all that won't have the target audience jerking off on the couch! :P

One looks taller then the other.

Harem Boys... :P

Oka you're gay, we get it! Enough with the stereotypes you tow! Don't over play it! :P

All the guys are pretty hot.

Yusuke has such cute ears!

Seriously, get this boy a sandwich.

They digitally shrink Honey so he appears smaller at times. Odd...

It's hard to believe the actor playing Honey is 22 isn't it guys?

Yeah that was my reaction as well...

This guy is the worst! He always looks like he's trying not to crack up as he recites his corny lines. XD He's awesome !

Years ago Ink-B did this very gorgeous image of Kyoya.
What do you think of this Daito?

Here's some Cast pictures to ogle!

Well, one thing I have to say is that finding this was a chance for pure revenge! I got to watch my buddy cringe as he saw the Twins embrace each other. Hee hee, that was some decent pay back for all the sexiest stuff I had to endure over the years. XD

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  1. DP, SHOULD be on an anime mag reviewer :D - FallenAngel



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