Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nova By The Oasis By Kyung

Okay time for a post about an artist I love AND that I have commissioned! XD This delightful piece was done by Kyung. Kyung has draw many of my prehistoric boys in the past and entered many contests as well. Some time ago, I commissioned Kyung to draw Nova. It was back when Nova was still coming into form. This image is of a young Nova, still in the process of building his body. He is slimmer like he was when I first started thinking about his build. I really love how Kyung captured him. The keffiyeh looks particularly good on him, especially in how Kyung has him joyfully peeking at the viewer. We even get a glimpse of his longer then usual bangs. Very hot.
You might have noticed there is something very different about his steed! I did my best to sketch a 6 legged, 6 eyed horse. Kyung really came through with a cool design, even giving it armor to cover it's otherworldly tail. :D The background with the wonderful sunrise and cool palm trees is really beautiful.
This Alien stud with his unbelievably long thick cock and sexy body would for sure have been disregarded as nothing but a mirage by foolish travelers. If they passed by this site, they would thirst for more then just water for some time! :P

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  1. This is traditional work too, isn't it? :3 I love that about some artists. Can rock out on pencils and paints and stuffs like that. Looks great! Very colorful. X3



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