Monday, August 29, 2011

Class Comics Celebration Post 1: Keen on Green!

Okay so the title is a bit lame...but the content of this post certainly isn't! As you might already know, it was Patrick Fillions birthday last Friday. The artists and I have been working since July on various images to present to him on that very special day. :) It's been quiet around here this August compared to other months, but now it's time to throw open the doors, crank the sound and start the party! For the next few days I will be presenting image, after image of amazing Class Comics character fan art. I promise it's gonna be one heck of an adventure!

The first image was done by Sirio. Sirio and I love Jotaro and good gravy can Sirio mimic the style of the manga perfectly, or what? Just have a look at her take on Jotaro. He's really perfect! From the style of the lines, to the shading, you would think he fell right off the pages of the manga. And Sirio's Locus is just super hot too! I love how big and thick bodied Sirio made Locus. He's really beefy looking. Jotaro is really giving him the business, pulling and twirling the pretty boys foreskin around. Of course, despite the precious lip bite, you know Locus doesn't mind. Especially not with Jotaro sporting such a rock hard boner! :P Sirio is a big fan of both these wonderful heroes and I think was having way too much fun with this image! LOL. Sirio wrote some cute dialog for Jotaro too!^_^ The background fits so well as a greeting card!. Love the purple bubbles. I can so see them making a Jotaro card in this style back in the late 90s. This is steamy stuff!!!!

This second image was done back in July by Ad140. I had to get Andy to do something for Patricks birthday, knowing how nice it is to get a birthday greeting from the famous artist myself. :D I decided to pick an old classic pairing for this one. Cam in his 70s style skater outfit and a mutual favorite; good old Rikuo from Darkstalkers. It's been so long since I commissioned an image of him. It was really exciting to see Ad140 take both him and Cam on. Ad1d0 was great to commission. He was always online with fun updates! I got to see it step, by beautiful step from concept sketch to final. Making it a very memorable commission. The image turned out to be super cute. Rikuos shocked expression is priceless. Dang those frill on Rikuo are epic. Cam with his gleaming green eyes, muscular arms and sexy legs is a total heart breaker. The beautiful background is perfect for the end of summer. Who wouldn't want to take a stroll down the boardwalk with these two studs? XD

This is the image where Cams outfit originated from. It's pretty hard to find these days and was only used once, but frig, it's so sexy that it left a permanent impression on me!!!! XD

And finally today we have something I drew in the spirit of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons and comic strips of the 30s. I hope you guys like it. It's the first time I ever tried to seriously draw and color Locus. I really enjoyed drawing this, especially his long cock head and eyes. XD After drawing this I started working on the images I presented a couple days ago.

Tomorrow more works with a focus on the Son of Winter himself, Zahn! :D

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