Tuesday, August 23, 2011

FallenAngels New Blog Explores Philippines Demons

FallenAngel has started a new blog called Freelancers. In it he shows off much of his early works that he did with writer and friend Wavehawk. He started off by showing the manga he created way back in 1997. So far he has shown bits of their two story manga called Gakusei Senshi, along with recent stories and short gag strips featuring the characters from the series.

FallenAngel has been expanding on his past works even more by taking his old college thesis and illustrating parts of it in an exciting post that highlights many of the mythological monsters of his homeland. Click the link below to check it out. Wait till you meet the created called a Baitbat. It's truly horrifying.

The Tulung is just one of many creatures explored in the post. Take a good look at the shadows surrounding it's groin.....



  1. Yeah really interesting design. :D I like the hair and his shadowpants. XD Though the shadows leave very little to the imagination. LOL Nice stuff shown here! ^^



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