Monday, January 26, 2015

The Mature Aztec King Tlatoani By Lastmanouthere‏

Hey guys, brand new OC hot off the tablet for you boys to enjoy tonight!  This is Tlatoani, who is the leader of the Aztecs.  The Aztecs are the rival kingdom of Mayan of which our heroes Ixy, Nehme, etc are a part of.  As you have seen Lastmanouthere is greatly expanding upon the world of Ixy of late.  (The Ixyverse?)   As you gaze up his stone throne, past his perfect feet,smooth legs and broad chest, you will find the handsome mug of a man that has little use for fun and games. The cause of his humorless demeanor may be due to years of ruling with a bloody fist, the guilt of sending so many young soldiers to their deaths, the many sacrifices he has encouraged, or maybe, just maybe that rather unpleasant piercing across his piss slit.
He's well defined, but the extent of how defined his chest muscles are, or aren't is conveniently hidden behind his medallion, adding a very nice touch of mystery to his first outing.  Perhaps his chest not being as defined as it once was, is seen as a vulnerability, one he chooses to hide?  I don't think this imposing ruler, sitting high, full of pride on his fiery throne has much to worry about in that regard.  Not the way Lastman has created him anyway!  He is only set to play a small part in Ixy's adventures, but Lastmanouthere bestowed him with as much love as he would have a cast regular.
Enjoy guys! :)

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