Friday, January 2, 2015

Kraw Lash On The Rocks By Hydaria

I'm starting my 2014 round up with this awesome sketch of Kraw Lash, our reptile warrior, lounging around by Hydaria.  It was drawn back around the end of April, at which time I tried to have it coloured.  Sadly, those plans never came to fruition.  I feel he's waited long enough, so here he is to enjoy!  Check out the detail on the rock strata Hydaria did.  The design really helps give the piece a savage world feel.  This is the second time Hydaria has drawn Kraw and once again has done an outstanding job.  That half erect cock, with the thick shielding of foreskin over the head, looks extremely heavy.  It's slowly rising as it grows.  Once it is fully erect it will flop down on his abs and the fun will begin.  Kraw Lash is getting hard, watching you, watching him!

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