Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dimata gains wolrld wide fame thanks to Mr. Fillion, Fydbac and Szadec!!! Meets a Sega Super Star! Introducing the Dinosaur Prince and so much more!

Hey what can I say, it's been a rough rough rough week. Dealing with artist, forget about it. There are days you just want to JUMP off the Brooklyn bridge, splash...
Time and the comfort of good friends heals all wounds. New prospects on the horizon, a 5 picture deal with Szadek and so much more. Not to forget a lovely family BBQ where I ate my fill after not eating for a loooooooooong time. It was a crazy week to say the least.
Now the BIG BIG BIG News!!! Dimata just appeared on the cover of BOYTOONS MAGAZINE! The article is filled with wondrous fan art and TONS of my commissions. Many of which are not even on this site yet!!!

Come on take a look you'll love it:

Boytoons for the love of Zahn

My good buddies Sirio, Demona, Nookiedog, Fallenangel, Fydbac, Szadek, little Busiris, my bosom buddy and so many others have been honored here. And of course there is Cruxion who created the Zahn meets Rikuo series for me! He's a master of the pen in both art and text. Though he has gone pretty silent these days. Hope he snaps out of it soon. We need him in there fighting and supporting the community! Guess a blog post might cheer the dear man up!

If this article showed me one thing, it's that I have been slow as a tranquilized turtle getting my commission on here.

Well all sorts of cool stuff happened this week, so let's take it from the top!
First off we have Jaytee's wonderful image. This was commissioned way back in April before even Dimata was around. I was goofing with the idea of sexual OC's. However while Dimata was inspired by sexy men of Class Comics, Dinosaur Prince was the result of me trying to humanize a character that has been trapped in my heart since high school. Yeah Jaytee turned my boy into a sex God.

Hey everone meet the Dinosaur Prince!

In high school I wrote a sad tale of a boy who at 18 becomes the prince of all Dinosaurs. I wanted to do an original character with that old character wedge in there in a way, so sent Jaytee a God awful image done with my mouse and a complete description. He came up with the simply breathtaking creature you see in front of you eyes!!! The proud ruler of the Prehistoric Paradise!!!!

And of course I wanted to have Mr. Fillions Cam lost in the valley of Dinosaurs. This lead of course to Zahn and Dimata. Hee hee this was my first costume design as well, for Cam anyway! XD

The super talented Jaytee has turned him into a sex god!!! XD Jaytee was tons of fun to work with.
Jaytee your Cam is just amazing! I love how you drew Rikuo, you gave him a sorta beefy body and the pose helps make him look like he really belongs in the the stone age! Nice job!!! :)
I love the colours you chose for the skin on Dinosaur Prince and the enthusiasm you showed while drawing him. It was very touching and meant a lot to me.
Jaytee would e-mail me with designs and ask things like, 'How about giving Dinoprince legs like Goliath from Gargoyles?' And how do you like these spikes? Cool huh?' LOL
He was super good too me.
I love the colours, the expressions, the attention to all the details I wanted and all the wondrous things you added yourself. You really outdid yourself! Such a wonderful Moon and Volcano!
I am honored to once again to have a hero of mine create something so special.
I hope to commission you again in the future. Dude gave me the confidence to make more OC's!!! I have yet to hear from Jaytee, but I hope he enjoys this blog. I have not heard from him as he is doing a move. He was good enough to get this done during that time though.

OK and now here it is, a major OLD SCHOOL Cross over!!! Dimata as so lovingly done by the man that first gave him life Ink-B, meeting the Sega Classic star Wonderboy!

While I was really down, Ink-B sent me this with such wonderful words of encouragement. Reminding me despite the bad times, I have so much behind me and so many adventures ahead. I thank the heavens above that I have such a wonderful young man at my side!!!! What a wonder this image is! I love his take on Dimata here, he is so cute and fuzzy! Check out that bum! Look how the sun shines on Dimatas penis!!!! How does he do it? Every time he draws Dimata he brings to him to a new level of cuteness!
Wonderboy is just to beefcakey for words. A total drool worthy hunk!!!!!
I love the sky and the cool cool grass. I can feel the spring breeze! Just gorgeous!!!!

And let's not forget about the SUPER Talented Fydbac. I just had to have the lightning fast artist whip out one of Trish Elk and Glypto. This is HAWT! Pay attention people! This is how you make me stop and drool!!!! BUM ACTION!!! OMG! LOL Trish is amazingly cute and Glypto looks like he is trying in desperation to hold in that cum!!!!! Fydbac you ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!!! XD Love ya! XD

Hey it's wouldn't be fair to mention the Zahn article and not show ONE image from the list now would it?
Well here we go with naphtali another great artist I had the honor of working with. Excuse me if this seems a little silly, but I just had to see him handle all three of these boys at once in one Crazy HOT Cross Over!!!

My reaction:

Hee hee I have always been a huge fan of yours. But ever since I saw your property of Superman picture a while back, I knew I had to commission you!

I was dying to see how you would Draw Zahn, Rikuo and Kid Icarus. So I threw them all together and I couldn't be happier with the results! What a fun and hot picture! Your Zahn is uber sexy!!! I love his face as he squirts his load all over Icarus!!! And Icarus is just so smexy!!!! I love his lazy face and that huge uncut dick! What a great pose for him!
Rikuo is a dream come true, a slip sliding Merman from hunk heaven! I just love his feet!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:
The way you draw foreskins is just so hot!

Naphtali was a pure pleasure and answered all my questions and requests. Once started, things moved very quickly! :)

Thank you so much for drawing this for me! I will be in touch soon! And big congrats on getting this on Mr. Fillions blog! :)
You can see the no cum version there!!!!

You rock!

Oh the boys can't hold back anymore!

I am already working with naphtali to bring you a brand new OC and a take on Dimata! Get ready!!! XD
Kudos for being so professional with me and applying the logos to my images! Logos done by the super awesome Nookiedog!

Ok that's enough for one night. XD Much love to ya all!


  1. Woah, I got props. >_> lol Little, eh? I'd like to debate if I am taller or bigger than you in any way. lol FIGHTCLUB! lol

    Once again, a lot of nice storytelling and new pictures to show off. Nice job. Keep up the good work and stay positive. :^3

  2. oh my, how lucky are you! the cover and one of the best artist out there .. he's so amazing.



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