Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Magic found in a Silver Ruby

While looking through gallery of Silver Ruby I notice she was not shy about drawing anthros, especially ones found in the sea. So I thought, hey she has commissions open, why not see how she would handle Chiida? Nothing could prepare me for what was about to unfold in a very short time.

Wow, what a first meeting with Ms. Silver Ruby!!! What a hard and fast working artist she is!!! Let me just say anyone that wants to commission her, don't hesitate to do so. I was up till 2 am the first night talking and laughing and going through images with her as she delightedly dabbled with my boys! (FYI I am a 12 am right to bed kinda guy! XD) You can see her spirit in every line and every expression. The piece just flows!

Ha, ha, like Fydbac I guess I am a bad influence on her? She was shy about drawing penises, but a few dozen Patrick Fillion refs later she was eager and ready to give it her all!!! That's the nature of this beast I guess!!! I Love to make artists draw Pornz!!!

Here it is her wonderful take on Dimata and Chiida! Poor Poor Dimata! XD

You really capture the penises perfectly. I am beyond impressed with both so much that I couldn't let you not show the version with Dimata's exposed head! That huge uncut cock is a wonder to behold!!!! XD

Your Dimata is so innocent looking. For some reason he reminds me of Don Bluths style of characters in Dragons Lair. And I mean that as major complement. He's just so animated looking. I love him!!! Nice butt, cute face and wicked pose!

Chiida my hard sell Voodoo arthropod is friggen amazing. I will never forget how, in what seemed like in no time you were showing me his completed form. I almost feel out of my chair.
He's gorgeous and perfectly balanced between human and ancient sea dweller. I am so happy you put the armor on his abs, it looks so crazy hot. The way the armor on the hands looks like it is more and more joined and fused together with the nails as the viewers eyes moves from the index towards the pinky is an inspired detail. Gotta love the feet too! And all the 'legs' on his back are great!!!

A bonus Cum version! Awesome ancient goo!

It was a joy and an honor to meet and work with her. SO much so that we started on the next idea as soon as this image was complete!!!

The second sketch Silver Ruby Sent me. Done in a very short time, less then an hour I believe.

In less then a few days SilverRuby came to my aid and provided me with another pure masterpiece!!!

Presenting Dimata Meeting a very Egyption Brakari!

Talk about being into the commission. As always she had tons of questions for me. Getting this right was very important to her. We went through Various colour schemes, potential costume and make up ideas. SilverRuby is bursting with ideas! Ever since I first drew Brakari I wanted to bring the concept of him being Egyptian out and wow did you go all out! Pharaoh Phallatops!!

Love the costume! Ankhs rule!
Love the colours befitting a ruler of the desert sands!!!
Love the little beauty mark!!!

Yep a warning to all future commissioners...I expect no less then this EXACT colour pattern on him from here on in!!! Kidding!!! XD
I was afraid to ask you to add the pattern to his penis, but I am so glad you went ahead and did it with out me having to! LOL, it is truly a penis for the ages now!!!

Man I wish I was Dimata, who would not want to frot with with a 3 and a 1/2 foot penis???? Hope he doesn't ask for anal!!!
Your Dimata is lovely as well. I really love his big blue eyes and the delighted expression you gave him. You do him so wonderfully and I thank you for taking him on again so soon!
You added a lot of fun and laughter to a cruddy day of rain and tires that needed to be replaced.
All I can say is, who's next?????
Here's to many more to come!
(Takes a sip of Root beer!)


  1. 1/2 foot peen. SCARY Shit. >_>!!

    I say though, you bring out the pornographic artist in everyone, don't you? XD All these shy well-to-do people start getting hardcore on ya! XD ah... good times I suppose.



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