Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lastmanouthere once again adds his passion to Skelldon and now Tonia!

As promised my older OC's are on their way back. Let it never be said that I forget my boys who moved. And who better to draw Skelldon again by the kind young man who first gave him life? lastmanouthere Is so good at drawing my boys. I swear I was so turned on when when sent me the first sketch I couldn't hardly contain myself!!! XD He is very modest to say the least, cause his Dinomen are super sexy!

Tonia and Skeldon making love for the first time as lovenly done by Lastmanouthere.

My Reaction:

Thanks so much again! I so love your take on Tonia! You made the twink a hunk! Looks Like Skeldon was working his whole body, not just his cock!!!!
This was so hot that when I first opened it I couldn't control my hands! Your Grindage is just too desirable :lol::heart::heart::heart:
AHHHHH YELLOW NIPPLES! XD SO cool! XD I like the long Torso it's smexy. I think it looks really cool. Makes the character Skelodn look taller and kinda lanky. It's sexy how he is so thick and muscular on top and so thin at the hips!!!! Love the cum! And I just noticed the thumbs up Tonia is giving! That is just too cute!!!! HA ha, thumbs up for cumming!!!! XD Awesome!!! .

I can't wait to do another picture with you! You my friend rock! XD

He produce a version based on my idea that they should be inside a tent as well. SO here it is a blog exclusive!!!

I like this one so much more! The wavy grass hiding the two lovers as they make love on the soft pillows takes me back the great Herem stories and images you would see from the early 20th century. Very sensual indeed!

I hope to work with Lastmanouthere again soon! He skill gets more amazing with each new piece!

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