Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day at the B. C. Beach! New boys join the Cast!

What an exciting weekend it has been! First off one of my heroes on the Y!gallery offered to draw Dimata! MLM4anemone was kind enough to offer a take that is just out of this world!!!

MLM4anemone I cannot thank you enough for doing this! And so fast too! MLM4anemone worked all day on this! Such a sweet guy. I am flattered!!! He added so much of his own own flair to him! I love his eyes, hair and rock hard abs! Thanks for following my original trunk penis design too. XD That is one massive trunk!

This is one dang sexy picture of the Mammoth at rest. Dimata is just oozing that cum! Over a liter each day as he reminded me! Ever since I came to the Y!gallery I wanted to get to know you more and now to have you present me with something this wonderful makes me so filled with pride and joy! You my friend are one of the good ones!

What a treat during a weekend that was ripe with issues. Talk about being a hero in my time of need. Here is the line art as well:

Just a day before I commissioned the wonderful Jacy-J again. After her Dimata and could not resist seeing her take on some more of my boys. I broke the bank and went for a threesome this time. Here is her wonderful take of my boys Trish Elk, Romer and Smilo having fun at the beach! This one is HOT!!!

I love this! I can feel the soft sea air!!! The Palm tree, the sweat rolling down Smilo and the speedos are all too much for me to handle!!!! Hee hee XD
Thank you so much Jacy-J for this very sexy picture! Her Smilo is inspired and begs to be drawn again!!! This is the first time anyone has completed Trish Elk. So while different then my original concept, I cannot help but love him all the more with a more human body! Which brings up a good question, do my boy look better hairy, or smooth? Hmmm why choose? ^___-

Romer is so cute, he looks very human and younger then the other pictures I have had done with him. I would spend a day at the beach with these boys any day! I want to frame this and put it on my wall!

Jacy-J works super fast and does her best to make the picture is perfect. I can really recommend her.

And now I must proudly Present to the world two NEW characters! Thanks to the skilled hands of my dear Ink-B and my newest friend the ever amazing Fydbac!

First we have Ink-B's take on my Bull Character. Meet HOLOCENE TORO!

Holocene is a would be hero lover! Ever ready to swing to the rescue of a young man in distress, his clumsy nature often have hostages wanting to be back in the arms of their captors instead. He is 25 and cut. He hails from North America, but pretends he is Spanish.
The truth is I blundered here and gave some silly directions...I showed Ink the wrong horns to use! oops! He was supposed to be a Muskox and now he is a prehistoric bull! Oh well he's super hot and cool! Though this mistake helped me develop his personality of the imperfect protagonist. His fate is still undecided, when the Muskox design is complete we may just combo the two and make him one and the same character.

Next we have Fydbacs take on my newest Dinoboy, a Kentrosaurus named Kentro...yeah sue me... XD

Here he is enjoying a moment with his lover Romer.
My reaction:

I love this! You you rose the bar on my boys! This is Kentros first appearance ever! I am in love with your Kentro! He's exactly how I envisioned! Kind of a Martial artist type with a medium muscular build.
I love that hair, like a combo of thick hair and actual spikes! It's so cool! Really wonderful details on the spikes and the plates! If Charles R. Knight (Famous Dinosaur illustrator) was still alive and GAY he would be calling you in congrats! ^_^

I love how the precum is cascading around the Kentros cock. That's hot. And Those Butt Cheeks! OMG I have to sit down! Getting Weak...XD I love his lips too, Romer has great lips here! I had to see them full size!!!

Dinosaurs were the first masters of the Martial arts. Kentro is a pure Judo Master. A young man of 18, he is an all around athlete. He looks up to Steko as a big brother. He's greatest desire in life is to teach at Tonia's fathers warrior school after putting a stop to the Lil'Deep Pirates for good.

Let me tell you I am dying to see Fydbac draw more Romer and Kentro.

And last but not least, we have a wonderful and even sad take on Dimata by my good friend Mashi! He's just so cute. Mashi always brings such emotion to her characters. I have a ton of wonderful pictures I will be posting of hers very soon!

This week promises to be crazy, works from Nookiedog, Mashi, Jcartblog, Fydbac, Mirri, Tidekeeper and maybe even something from the person I look up to and respect more then anyone in the art world.


  1. You always have SOOO much going on. Almost jealous here, lol. I need some stuff done but I guess in a way I am glad to take the time to level out my cashflow.

    OH and smooth. No hair! Well body hair for normal characters I guess is nasty, but some more anthro characters it is acceptable of course. XD;

  2. Whoa, that's a huge update XD
    Your new characters look neat :)



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