Friday, May 29, 2009

The master of the third Dimension Ulysses0302 Presents Kid Icarus and ZAHN!!!

Kid Icarus was my first 3D commission and I thank heavens it was with Ulysses0302! This young man is forever trying to make the piece better and better! So much love, late nights and passion go into his work it is unbelievable. It was an honor sir! And even at the end, his modesty forbids him to take full pride in the picture!

Oh man I am really DIGGING this! WOO WOO! He is a really sexy man toy! I love that deep purple, cock head! His face looks soooo sexy and I just want to rest my face in his soft feathery hair! OMG! Hair parted down the middle of the head like that is so attractive to me.
I am lost in every aspect, from the cute little birth mark on his chest, to his big sexy eyes.
Someone call Nintendo! Cause they need to use this model in the next game!!!!

That was part of my reaction to Ulys first commission for me some time ago. A truly remarkable young man, he does everything he can to make the image as sexy as can be! Some time passed and I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking on Zahn from Class Comics. A little treat for Mr. Fillion and the rest of the world. I was dying to see what the sexy beast would look like in the world of video games! Well Ulysses worked with lightning speed and didn't just provide, one, but 4 separate images!!!!
And here they are, 2 for the first time ever!

The original version!

No Blur cause I told him his buzzards were too awesome! XD

And the Son of Winter Version with a little winter lighting added to it!

Clothed for non-adult sites!

My response:

Thanks Uly!!! This is one of you best pictures ever! :heart::heart::heart:

You really nailed Zahn here! I love how his hair has been left to grow out, he's dirty, beaten, suntanned, tired and yet still hard!!!! I guess he sees Jonah coming to save him from Zozah!

This is amazing and I can't wait to see what you do with Jonah and Zahn together! Yep a sequel is coming!!!
Next Zahn the video game!!! How does Wii Love Zahn sound?

I was so impressed that I asked him if he would not mind doing more of Zahn and he happily agreed. Uly gets a 10/10 as far as artist you can work with on Y!gallery go. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever have the pleasure of meeting from any site.

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  1. I am not huge on 3D, but you got some wonderful lil prizes up there. Good stuff! ^_^ I can tell you do treasure them!



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