Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jcartblog a boy who creates heroes.

After Nookiedog sent me into a frenzy with Rikuo I started to contact other artists. By some chance I found myself looking at JCartblogs page and saw he does commissions. How would he approach Rikuo I thought.? His designs are very comic bookish I and love them. He was thrilled to do the character. He had such modesty and kept asking me if I wanted changes, etc. He pulled him off in his own unique way, providing me with a very innocent sweat Rikou.

Here is my reaction:

He is just too sexy for words! From the long orange uncut dick, to his spiky frills and come get some pose, he's a delight from head to toe! Thanks for doing such an inspired job on one of my favorite characters!

Hee hee, those open legs just say come get me!!!
Anyway this was the start of a great friendship. He is very friendly and takes the time to make sure everything is to your liking. He is a dear heart and I am proud to know and commission him.
After Rikuo I started to throw commission ideas at him left right and center. His special offer was to provide art for people at discounted rate and allow you to choose feature like clothing, cut, uncut status, etc, but he wished to surprise people with the pose. I so enjoyed his art and sexy takes I commissioned him 3 more times and a 4th is now on the way...A hint, it's not a video game character, at least not in the traditional way!

Mummies alive does get enough love! The other day I found some pics there were beyond excellent on the site, but I needed to see more! I knew the artist I could turn to to take on this task is JCArtBlog. His art style is perfect for this character. And now I have 3,000 year old pin up stud to share with the world. Thanks man!

Donovan looks like he is displaying his good for a harem master in this pic. It's amazingly sexy! Love his face. Good choice leaving his toga/skirt on. Thanks for doing this for me! Going make a pin up of it!

I wish you guys could have seen the smile on my face when I opened this. I know not too many people here on Y remember Wonderboy, a shame cause you can get him for $5 on Wii.
This made me really laugh, the idea of having his grass skirt on his leg is really surprisingly hot! And how he is resting on his hammer too! This is excellent! JC did a great job of making him all grown up! He's so handsome! (Blonds are the best! :P)
I don't mind waiting for art, especially when the end result is as priceless as this! He looks really Americanized and I love it! If they had done a comic of him in the 80's I know they could have used you. (Yeah I know before you were
Hey and Happy birthday to you JC!!! Go out and get some!!!! Can't wait to work with you again!


  1. Wow, see now the thing here is that you commissioned people multiple times, which makes for useful categorization! One artist can have an entire long post, which is great. I only wished I could draw and commission people. XD Oh pipe dreams.

  2. Ha! You and me both! But I am enjoying this side of things so much!

  3. thanks so much for the post! its great to look back at the commissions. thanks for commissioning me .. it means a lot!



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