Friday, May 15, 2009

Smilo by Yelmo

Yelmo opened his art trade last week. I can't draw, but I can give and we had such a fun time creating Tonia, he jump at the chance to do another original character. He fell in love with Ink-b's take on Smilo and wanted to give him a whirl. Here he is in all the style and sexiness Yelmo can dish out. Ready to take on any animal in the ancient forest to feed his friends and family. Perhaps he is out hunting Terror Birds?

Yelmo you made my day. If you were here I would give you the biggest hug for this. I swear I can here the leaves rustling and the birds chirping when I see this. Your take on Smilo is super hot. There is nothing like a young man with white hair. So uber hot!!! So much power and passion. I cannot thank you enough!!!
Why just look at the effect it is having on Dimata!!!! LOL.


  1. LOL wow quite the perspective on that bottom image. XD I am sure you are enjoying this whole experiance then. Good use of motion. lol I enjoy seeing exclusives and also the stories behind them! ^^

  2. Smilo is great you did a awsome work!
    BRAVO Yelmo :)

  3. I'm really glad you liked guys!!! ^___^
    Thank you!



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