Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Art for Trade: The Gorgeous Portraits of Kyung

A little while ago I was given a set of Kopic Markers as a gift. I have no idea how to use them. And after trying them once I decided that such a precious is better offered to someone with the power to use them. I offered them up on Y!gallery for a commission of equal value. The wonderful artist Kyung took up the offer first and I happily agreed. I was not prepared for the wondrous images she would create. Many of these started when Trish and Trevor were not much more then a couple sketches and character descriptions I had lying around. Now I proudly present these masterpieces to you. East one an exciting a vivid portrait worthy of hanging on any wall. Each one hand drawn and coloured.

This first image is just so cute and wonderful I cannot describe just how in love with it I am!!! I mean talk about a over the bed wall hanger!!!
This image came into existance way back when Trish only had a described body and a couple images of his head. In order to give him the pose I wanted Kyung really improvised. He was made into a centaur. And so from this was born the fact that he can switch between two forms. I say why not!!! As long as his human 'junk' is in the right place!!! LOL. Very inspired! I love the design and the colours are amazing. That foreskin is so cool looking! Neat pubes too! LOVE IT!!!! Trish is a super Twink here!
Ah and then there is Diamta! LORD how cute is he????? I mean talk about total innocents as he plays around with his huge boner and cums!! HAWT! He melts my heart! What nice Tusks you gave him too!

Another gorgeous masterpiece done by hand! Kyung was the third one to take on Trevor Dactylous and I love him this way! Kyung really went after my original concept of him and I appreciate that a lot. No offence to the other wondrous takes on him. I adore them so much as well. I dig how Kyung made him so thin and tall, giving him a combo of dreads and long stringy wet looking hair. Originally he was depicted by others as having it was pulled back, which was hot too!

Kyung even thought to include the light mane I had in my very first image. That rocks! Many people forget that Pterodactyls had hair. (Well some species.) I love those ribs!!! XD SO cute!!! I do believe we have a winna!!! Deff setting a standard for others when drawing him in the future.

And Steko is so hot too! I love his belly! Kyung gave him a very 'real' body type. Fitting of someone who hangs around the beach eating fish all day! That neck and face rocks!!!! Amazing colouring job on both! So much detail everywhere. From the sparkles, to the scales, to the spikes, it blows me away that each of these was done by hand. What a privilege to see my boys done in this style!

The dark sky in the background brings me back to so many old books on prehistoric life. (Those old tomes from the mid 2000th century always seemed to depict the Earth a dark place to live.)
The motion here of predator and prey, in pursuit of love is so graceful and sexy! Glypto is amazing. I love his build and how shiny he is! He is just outstanding! What a face!!! :)
Smilo is a wonder to behold here as well. Just so sexy as he hunts down his victim of love! They are both done so perfectly. Again Glypto had very few images of his body to go on at the time Kyung started this image. They are pretty much right on model here! Wow...And at the same time Kyung added so many charms to them! This begs for a sequel image! I swear I can feel the grass and the soft breeze passing my my body when I look at this!!!

Well Kyung I hope that this will lead to many future encounters and commissions. You have my undying thanks!

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  1. I really can't blame Smilo, Glypto is well worth the chase!



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