Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Big Buff Joey by Ephorox, Cimsonblood and Inmomakuro

Hey guys, I gotta something really mind blowing last night. This is a big beautiful gift from three amazing artists. Ephorox drew up Joey as a birthday surprise for me a few weeks ago. Since then both Crimsonblood and Inmomakuro have been coloring it. The result is mind blowing! Have a look!

This Joey is built to the hilt. He has such a nice strong chinned face with eyes that glow like emeralds. I like how massive his arms are and how small the toros gets. That's cute! Ephorox really knows his muscle masses! He could crush nuts between each rising and falling bicep. It's really sweet how his chest is so tight and inwardly flexed. How his nipples are so big and long too. That's hot. XD Kinda Tom of Finland style. =^)
Crimmy and Inmonakuro, really brought out the best of Ephoroxs gigantic body. Coloring and shading to perfection. The shine on his perfect balls is just classic for one thing. Little beads of white light..cute, those are some clean tight spheres. XD His big vieny cock looks really stretched to the limit. He is really turned on and it's bursting so nicely as he applies great force to his final stroke. Even with a glove on he is putting some major strain on it. (Hey those are some massive arms, I can imagine how dangerously hard he can pull back on that foreskin with out them. ^o^)

I think my favorite thing is Joeys big well built legs, especially his calves. These are legs built for jumping and worked out till perfection. Ephorox Joey looks like he could easily clear a three story building. Hee hee.

I can really see all three work their magic here, each artists efforts stands out.
I will for sure have to commission some more Ephorox Joey one day!
Thank you so much guys. I am very humbled by this wonderful addition to my collection. You guys rock!

Don't forget to check out Crimson and Ephorox's blog, as well as Inmomakuros page on Y!Gallery.

Oh just to remind everyone Ephorox's birthday is Saturday the 10th of July, don't forget to wish him well!


  1. Oh goodness me! XD I totally forgot about this baby. I knew about it but the surprise is the thing. ;) Though this is actually my first time seeing it colored and the lines blew me away but the colors floor me, I guess you could say. XD

    I envy their ability to make the image so crisp and bright and clear and detailed. XD It's a wonderful gift they have and Eph is a master with those lines. It's a pleasing thing to see they could bestow that gift to you with such a likable and fun OC. :3 Congrats!

  2. Ephorox is a master of muscle mass, gawd Joey's ready to take one anyone..in the ring and other places too - FallenAngel

  3. wow, i wish i could draw muscles like that ... drools*

  4. Oh JC you draw excellent Muscles! Don't forget your He-Man, Nova and Goliath, to name a few!



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