Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heru a bird of Egypt.

Just a quick blog post. Heru is a bird guy that stated out as something very different. My earliest sketch of him was an elf, much like the race of Ink-B's Athan. On the same image I gave him a very pointy nose, then paint going down the middle of his face across his nose, giving him a kinda beak like quality. I am not sure when I added wings to him, but I am sure it was during my second full body attempt. I gave Heru a story that he lived in a light house training with an older much more bara like bird man. He would fall in love with Athan. He would be captured by Athans older brother, during his rebellious quest to find the target of his affections. The story was more of a one shot then something made for a long term character. It's still something I would like to pursue.
That was just the start. As I drew him and thought of him more and more, I wanted to do something a bit different. One day while drawing Cleo I realized Cleo would need a sidekick. A Milhouse to his Bart Simpson. Someone who was gay and he could confide in. A person to help him in his schemes, but be much less of a pest then he is.
FallenAngel took up the task of helping me bring him to life. And what a glorious job he did. We looked to the Goddess Maat for his wings and a porn start, or two for his face. ^-^ He doesn't have his orange face makings here. I think he might look a lot better for it, but that doesn't mean we should not experiment with him in the future. It's not fun if you don't fool around with the design right?
Fallen was awesome to watch work. He gave him some sweet threads to wear and totally capture the Egyptian wings. (I SUCK AT WINGS! I can't thank him enouhg.) Unlike the other Egyptian characters Herus race is pale skinned. So he is one of the only 'white' guys you will see around. Well I hope to have more to share regarding him in the future. He proved to be pretty darn popular too. I was surprised.

A special thank you to guytoonist who helped me name him.

Here are just a few of the sketches I did. I did TONS of them. Every day I tried something different. You can see there are some odd jumps in his hair design. These were a bit more gradual to me.

First sketch. Here he is an Elf, but even then I know I wanted to pursue an avian body.

Second sketch.

A very alternate version.

I drew this at work while sitting in the sun. XD


I have a whole evolution chart I could post, but the image is huge.....


  1. Biiiiiiiiiiiirdman!
    Nice, I do remember that image, and now I get to see more of your own drawings. You do draw quite a lot, so it surprises me how much you can upload! XD Good work!

  2. Heru, sweet he has a name, a good one too :D

    - FallenAngel



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