Monday, July 26, 2010

Pirate Ship Higemau Momotaro made Sexy

Many moons ago I discovered a Capcom game called Pirate Ship Higemau. It's a total gem of a game that is similar to Pengo by Sega. Even though the game had not come to North America in the 80s, it was readily available on Mame for years. I only got a chance to play it when I bought the Capcom Classics collection for PSP and PS2. I highly recommend these collections. Hegemau is one of the more delightful old school titles to be found on the discs. If you have ever played Goof Troop on the SNES, then you have played a version of this game. (Goof Troop borrows so heavily from the game and it's NES sequel, I don't doubt Goof Troop was meant to be the third Pirate ship game at one point.)

Two weeks ago I discovered the game had an NES adventure sequel. It was Capcoms first sequel ever and while it plays very much like the arcade game it borrows heavily from titles like Zelda. Momotaro the sailor is seeking a great treasure and you have to sail all over the world on your quest to obtain it. Like Zelda Wind Waker (though years ahead of it) it features a lot of sailing and some very ambiguous puzzles. Thankfully there are guides and I beat the game in a little over a day. (Thank you speed up options in emulators.) Guess what? The cast from Ghosts N Ghouls is in it!!! The final boss is the red demon! It's ending is pretty funny.
After I totally beat the NES game of Pirate Ship. I wanted to reward myself with some commissions of the characters. I contacted a few people including Crey who is working on him as I type this. Since the character is relatively unknown and I want to start giving him some props. I often wondered what he would look like if Capcon continued to develop him and used him in fighting games.

So this is what I have to show today and there are some different version for the blog too. FallenAngel was first at bat and having actually played the games he brought with him a ton of admiration to the character. He thew in the entire cast and mimicked the drawing style and coloring techniques of the old promotional art perfectly. So here he is for all to enjoy:

Ha ha ha here is as if developed for a Capcom game of the 90's. With a big cut cock courtesy of FallenAngel of course! He's really sexy with big arms strong enough to lift any barrel and fling it. The crew is so not happy!!! Fallen asked me about his big nose and I told him to feel free to tone it down a bit. I think he gave him a very cute and fitting nose for a man of the sea. :) I thought that was most touching that he added in all the little pirates as well.

This tank top version was based on my original conception. Fallen did both versions cause both shirts are hot in their own way!

A clean version!!! Yup...more fitting for a game... LOL.

This is the NES game cover.

The flier front. You can see the island that FallenAngel used here!

Hee hee, I am going to whore him out a bit. This game really deserves some props and FallenAngel7 gave it big time with this whimsical image. He really captured the spirit and colour of the games.

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  1. Glad you like it :) oh the watermarks are alright as well on what you did on the two ver :) FallenAngel



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