Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Game Boy Color

Bring back my 90's guys is the awesome Urbanmusiq. I gotta ask myself why I didn't pursue this one earlier as he always brings his best game with him when drawing black men. This is more then inspired by my own experiences. Many afternoons were spent on my own boyfriends bed playing Game Boy while reaching into each others shorts. *BLUSH*

In this image Danny is been laying on the bed after a long hot shower. He has been playing Super Mario Land for a bit, when his blond lover spots him and crawls onto the bed. Matt shuffles off his cargo jeans and embraces his beefcake 8-bit hero. Dannys skin is soft and moist, he is cold, but Matts touch warms him instantly. As they men frot, Matt feels Dannys sausage is tight and sticky to the touch. His skin glistens as blood fills and stretches his member. This might not take long before Danny cums, but it will be an experience neither will forget.

This is Urbanmusiqs first image of a twink. Making an artists do something different then his usual men is always fascinating. I really think he did a great job. I discovered something funny after this was done, I had not even thought of. That there is something very solider like about these two. From Dannys huge neck resting on massive shoulders with dangling dog tags, to Matts bowl hair cut, mullet and cargo jeans, these guys certainly reflect a certain stereo type. Not something I ever planned on achieving, but it kinda seems that was my plan. XD Hee hee awesome. XD

The faces on both men are so lit up as they gaze into each others eyes. OMG that Matt has his eyes so focused on his prey! The little eyelash looks so cute!!!! This man is not going to lose focus any time soon! Matts lips are all puckered and ready to go to down on Dannys glistening smile.
URban added some beautiful shine on Matts hair. Just like Fallen with a touch of Maduinshorns and top off with his own style! I really think it's hot how he used shine to bring out the muscles on Dannys arm and chest. Makes him look really 3D. Matts dick head and the shaft shine on Dannys cock is so great that it remind me of when someone comes out of the bath and gets hard. So this led to the little write up above. And that perfect butt is gonna take a pounding if he is not quick to finish Danny off...
Guess what? My bedroom growing up had a baby blue paint!!!! HA HA HA, this was very fitting. ;) Hee hee what a crap shot! Everything came together perfectly. To give it a 90's touch, Urban added in his Mega Man Poster. I think someones mom would give that a few odd stares! XD

Thank you again Urbanmusiq, you are the master! Bows. XD

And now a surprise, the sudden and fast return of MiOworks Ice Climbers and He-Man. So in love with these guys I was, I just HAD to request another image of them together. MiOworks has a great promotion going on. He calls it squares. You pick some characters and a main theme and he does an pose he thinks up. This allows him to indulge in some different poses and takes the stress off of getting a certain concept exactly right. For picking this promotion he does the images at a huge discount. And since it's MiOworks drawing, you would be crazy not to take this amazing guy up on it! :)
This time I just said Ice Climbers with Finger(s) in He-Mans foreskin. He did a freaking super hot job take a look!

The Master of the universe has fallen to the lust of two young mountain climbers.
'Ugh...feels so good, go Deeper Nana.'
'Mmmm so Warm and juicy under here. Want me to pull outward a bit?'

Poor He-Man he is at the Eskimos mercy, but he loves every bit of attention. MiO retained his innocent persona he created for the last image and made the Ice Climbers even more inquisitive and mischievous. This makes it a perfect sequel image since they stay in character. MiOworks certainly is having fun here. He made Nanas hands a good size and shape. The lines running down them make them look a little bony, which is very realistic. They made me smile cause they remind me of a friends hands that are exactly the same. I could imagine his cold fingers doing the same and I started to blush! XD The little white dots on the boys faces emphasize their excitement very well. They are studying this process with great delight. XD
He-Man is wonderful. His frame is sexy. It's so gigantic, to his huge chest and major abs, with little bits of shine all around, he is very enjoyable. Those rosy cheeks need a squeeze, or at least a kiss! I just love how even his cock has sweat on it as it's floppy form is poked and prodded.

Thanks MiOworks! I still can't believe how fast you do your art. There are few as quick as you are with a virtual pen! Amazing, just amazing. :)


  1. Awesome pair!
    The first one seems disturbingly appealing! Are your lips really so full?
    As for the second, I don't think I like any other Ice He-Man (or He-man, for the matter) depiction than MiOworks! And the pic is just breathtaking, in the most perverted kind of way

  2. Thanks a bunch buddy! It was a pleasure once again drawing for you! =)

  3. Urban's Matt x Danny rocks, man what better way to play more than the gameboy LOL*

    Mio, its cute and hot for heman and the ice climbers foreskin tease :D


  4. Hee hee thanks for the kind words Matty! as always, a pleasure to draw for you buddy!


  5. I love how your past kind of crops up into your commissions sometimes (the baby blue paint? How would he know? lol).

    Not sure why, it's just cool



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