Monday, July 19, 2010

The Cutest Commando! Finally some D and D thanks to Urbanmusiq!

Hey Guys. This was gonna be two blog posts, but I am combing it into one big one!

First off I got a blog exclusive. An image done by my good friend Urbanmusiq. This combination of two classic characters has been on the back burner since last May. No lie, I commissioned this idea out, got a sketch from a talented artist and have been waiting on the final outcome ever since. Well, out of respect for the artist and how cool and rare the pairing was, I held off doing other ideas with these two.
I can't wait forever and upon finding out the artist was never planning on completing the image I hasten to get this ball rolling again. (Yes that means I have an uncompleted sketch that could use some coloring.)
I set my sights on on the talents to Urbanmusiq. From a over years wait, to that of a little over a day, the image was done and ready to post. I swear the mans a professional beyond rival.

This time it's the pairing of the Magic User and Fighter from Capcoms Dungeons and Dragons 2! And surprisingly these are both based on the player 2 sprites. (Oddly enough all the fighter artwork from Capcom was based on Player 2..hmmm)
I had an idea in place, but Urban went in a slightly different and exciting path when doing the pencils.

'By the Abyss!' Urbanmusiq has created another Capcom Epic!

The fighter, the bravest warrior in land, falls to his knees. His legs weakened by the tongue lashing the Magic User is barraging him with. Reluctantly he embraces every stroke of his thick foreskin. He grinds his teeth as he tries to hold back the cum bubbling in his balls. The Magic user D'Raven is in heaven, his butt puckering and his cock leaking a pool of precum, sensitive enough now to release at the slightest touch.

This image was interesting to have done for a couple reasons. Number 1 as I said, you never see these guys in erotic art and number 2 cause Urbanmusiq asked me a very interesting question during the process. What is there names? Well, I just always assumed that you named them and other then that they had the generic tags for Fighter and Magic User. I could have dug out the Saturn Manual, but I am sure it doesn't say anything regarding that. However, the other night while researching the title, I entered my name as a swear and the game gave me a default name instead.
Well, I did it again and the same name came up. I then proceeded to start up player 2 and see what they are given. I took screen shots:

Look at me, I found something not on any of the geeky fan sites, or Wikipedia...Oh man...bragging about D and D stuff...not cool...

So there you have it another video game mystery solved.
I gotta say that when I write a little story synopsis of the scene you know I am loving the art! Ubranmusiq was a perfect choice to take on these boys. He adds a lot of raw power to that Fighter. His arching his back and jamming that sword right in the ground fighting against what ever lingering thread of heterosexuality he might feel he has left. His back torso is perfectly arched, his hair sexier then the Capcom art and his cold blue eyes focused like lasers on D'Raven. His soft tanned skin backed in the sun to his perfect body stand epicly against the splendid blues and yellows of his costume. Combined with that wonderfully detailed foreskin, he is a tribute to hot game guys for all time. XD Actually he started out cut in Urbans sketches and there is still a cut version of him completed just like this. But I fell for the details Leon gave him here and decided this was gonna be the image to post. I might post that other one anther time. ;)

Urban is such a mischievous guy! I like how he thew D'Ravens cloak over his shoulder so we can get a good view of his perfect ass and sleek back. The cock pose is succulent and this new trend of colouring balls a different color then the cock shafts is something I am really digging. That background is so great I am currently using this as my Wall Paper on my PC! Thank you so much Urban!

Yeah Dungeons and Dragons, we went there. Now I won't lie and say I went into this game whole heartily back when I was teen. When my best friend prompted me to play this with him at an arcade I remember laughing at him and calling him a geek.. XD I mean Dungeons and Dragons in the late 90's? For real? Last time I heard about this series was when I was really young watching the old and wonderful TV show. One should NEVER doubt the power of Classic Capcom. The game turned out to be so much fun that we spent a good amount of cash playing it whenever we went to the movies. (A good amount being over $8 for teenagers with no paying employment at the time.)

I had to get the game on Sega Saturn when it came out. Sadly, unlike Vampire Savior the game had no translation code. I always thought that was a big loss and so did everyone in my circle of friends and close family members. It lead to a rather sudden loss in interest. The game never got the huge amount of play other titles did, even fighters that were in pure Japanese. But then along comes Mame. I tried to emulate the title time and again. It wasn't till the person I commissioned to do the first image showed me a fan site for the game last year, that I ever got it to work. And man, what a blast it is! You can find all the stuff you need to play it here:
Capcom is aware of the site and has not problem with it, believe it, or not. I still wish the the game was down loadable for PS3, or something though. Playing with more then 2 people on the PC is weak..
I suggest using the emulator Kawaks to run it.

Okay now let's fast Forward to the present shall we? I got a few people wondering where the heck I vanished too. Well, to publicly announce this, I am not dying, but I did spend some hours on the couch as a video game Zombie. I totally beat the shit out of Bionic Commando last week. Hee hee. Yeah this games plot goes so haywire by the end, it was just to silly to even shock me. It just felt like a huge cry for attention to be remembered for something absurd instead. It will for sure crush some Capcom Fanboys to see what goes down, but at the same time, the game bombed and this one shot will probably be swept under the table. So my advice? Just enjoy the game and roll your eyes, or even try to enjoy the last halfs crazy plot twists.
To commemorate such an event I called upon FallenAngel and Caravaggia to do up some really cute images of Nathan Spencer. Better then earning those lousy do nothing trophies, of the boring collectibles the game offers up huh?

For me, Fallen created a younger Teenage Nathan. He is around 18, or 19. This one has still to see long years of conflicted on the battlefield. FallenAngels Nathan is young and supple, his skin wonderfully tanned from days of practicing his swings in the hot sun. He is the embodiment of youth and great parallel to the way the character is portrayed in the game. This is one of Fallens most charming creations due to this. His expression on his face as water trickles down his body to his massive uncut dick, cooling and cleansing him is inspiring.

Escaping the rigors of training, Nathan Spencer takes off his pants and enjoys a cooling spray. That cock rivals his arm for biggest limb...

Well in the spirit of the series long wait between sequels I got a silly idea for Nathan to be on the couch relaxing during his 10 year retirement. (Or 20 if you don't count the GameboyColor game which didn't feature him anyway.)
I sent the playful idea to one of the most playful people I know Caravaggia,. Here is the blog premier of the Bionic Couch Potato:

Hee hee Caravaggia went to town adding in all sorts of items like an NES, old VHS movies, a crappy old TV with rabbit ears and tons of food for him to munch on. She called him the Junk food Commando. We were going to make him really fat, but went for slightly chubby with no abs instead. He is still cute and sexy! And yes he had to have PEPSI cause it's all over the game world for some reason. Caravaggia was a total sweet heart and added in Rush from Mega Man to keep him company for free! AWE! And he is just so adorable!!!! I just want to pinch his...metal frame...cheeks..okay that won't work. XD I like her sassy take on Nathan. He looks bad ass even when eating. The arm has a lot of nice detail. I am always afraid to ask people to draw that THING. Unlike the 80's version, this one is monstrous. The dull paint job on the walls, illuminated dully by the old TV gives this image the tired forgotten and kinda run down, feel I was looking for. Thanks so much! She is also one to rival for regarding speed. Yesterday this was just pencil work! Then today, done!!! WOW! Professional and courteous as always.

Looks like after the sales of the last game this design of Nathan will be spending a long time on the couch again. -_-;

Let's keep with the Commando theme and show you Carlos by Baralust! This is an older Commission, that I was overjoyed to get this month. This is cause, well I have not commissioned much of Carols these days. Baralust reminded me just how much I love the guy and dang if he didn't get the nicest complement regarding him! Another artists said it was his most amazing piece ever. Now that makes doing commissions so worth while. The comradery and accolades they can create.

OMG OMG OMG! Barlust Carols is built in more ways then one! He's the Perfect summer pin up boy of the far future!

Baralust has a way with big burly muscles and wonderful smiles that makes his art so invigorating. The characters are tough looking guys, however the charming facings bestowed upon them give you no doubts that they would be very approachable. A little bit of Baralusts own personality and heart gets into each of his boys, no doubt. :)

My Reaction:

Thank you so much Bara! This Carlos is a beautiful buff Beach stud. It has been over a month since I commissioned any art of him and you got my desire to come up with more ideas for him really turned on high! XD Love his lips man. That smile makes me steamy. It's so hot here and this guy gave me heat stroke when I opened him up this afternoon! LOL. Love his big muscles with the shine on them. He is perfect! The sun beams and the ocean in the background are a perfect touch to his mouth watering pin up masterpiece.
Don't worry about the time it took. You had the lines done long ago and had many things going on in life, it's cool. I enjoyed waiting for this one. :)

Let's go back to the Capcom theme! I commissioned the awesome Karulox to do Sean for Ink-b when he was little down a couple weeks ago. Karulox lost his internet at home, but he second he found an outlet he was online sending me this breathtaking Sean from Street Fighter 3. He has gave him the most devious smile ever. He is so sure of himself as he twirls that basketball and pushes around the thickest foreskin ever to be attached to his cock! XD

Ken: "Sean, I bet you can't twirl that on your slippery cock head."
Sean: "It's not leaking precum yet, it's just moist."
Ken leaning down and opening his mouth: "It will be in one second baby."

Karulox got a lot of nice thank yous for this one. Two people AtistG and Ph1llyboy in particular were very kind in giving props to him. I have to agree there is just not enough Sean out there period. He is one of Capcoms sexiest black men, a charming and playful personality. He could use some more fleshing out. (Dang did Karulox give him enough flesh. :P)
Maybe I should come up with some Ken X Sean ideas? :) I hope Karulox gets his net up again soon, I am addicted to his style and he is a very sweet guy to talk to as well. :)

My Reaction on YG, was short cause I wanted him to see it before he lost his connection again:

Thanks so much Karulox-chan. This Sean is really smexy! This face is just bursting with joy huh? Nice smile!!! hee hee, this is perfectly what I wanted. Gotta love that thick foreskin. Very nice arms too. Can I join him on that bean bag chair?
Very charming. :kiss::heart:

Guess what I got in the mail? My set of Class Heroes Collector Cards! They are really cool additions to any Class Comics aficionados collection. They are printed on nice quality paper and contain the artwork of various Class Comics artists. What is cool is that each one has some back story and even some information not revealed anywhere else. There's a lot of interesting stuff about Spot here for one thing! At $4.50 a deck of 15 detailed cards, they are well worth the purchase.

Link to Class Comics Collectors Cards


  1. Urban rocks on the 2 D and D :D sweet!

    Caravaggia's Nathan is cool :D looks like he's really relax :D

    Baralust's Carlos is a great pose model I'd say :D

    Karulox's Sean is hot! hot!


  2. You cover so much ground in these posts... that it becomes quite the challenge to cover all the pieces appropriately. XD
    I would say a lot of the ground covered here I am not very familiar with though, I know nothing at ALL about D&D but the art is awesome, that's the one thing I do know. LOL All the art here is pretty kick-butt. I recognize most of it! Baralust and Karulox, to be exact. But they're all good stuffs. :3

  3. Weeee!!!!

    Dungeons and Dragons the game! The one I always wanted to get into but everytime I went to the arcade the people I were with were like "Ewwww"

    And so we ended up playing the X-men arcade game.

    For hours. (I think once we beat that game like 3 times in a row)

    And it cool to hear more people liked the cartoon show.

    You always commission some creative pieces.

    And great job to the artists in particular! *thumbs up*



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