Sunday, July 4, 2010

FallenAngels Presents the first Egypt Story Comic, NILE BATH!

Instead of introducing the story and characters as I had them planned out, I wanted to do a trial run of sorts. I had fished the comic idea around a bit. This comics script is where the wonderful image of Cleo and Pyis by Urbanmusiq spawned from.

I presented the full comic to FallenAngel in script form. He liked it. Which made me really happy since he has been so crucial to creating these characters. I really trust this guy! So I took the comic and story boarded it as simply as I could. Just giving a layout of the characters and their interactions. I originally drew up three pages, but somehow Fallen was able to condense it into 2 pages. (Being the manga veteran that he is.)

This is just a simple one shot where the Fatep has taken a journey and insists everyone in her caravan takes a bath before moving on, or settling down for the evening.
Fallen dumped all his creative talents and charm into this! I hope you guys will enjoy this short comic we came up with.

Fallens comic style fits perfectly into the world these characters live in.
Fallen did this up in a couple days time. From his initial sketches he got every thing perfect. He added a lot of humor and gave the Ibis even more personality then I thought about giving him, adding in jokes for him and a giving him a constant tired expression. The eyeball wake up panel is very impressive. I just had the image of his eyes opening seeing Fatep, the curved view is much nicer! He even created some extra characters for the first panel. The camel is just lovely. ;)
Hee hee Cleo is even more gay here then before. There's something about that mustache! XD Just love the expressions he gave everyone. So much classic personality here. The final panel is my favorite. Pyis looks so Game and Watch. And Cleo is too funny. I have to say he captured Fatep and her mannerisms perfectly. Love how dark he made her in relation to the other characters. I know one thing for sure, this will not be the last comic concoct together! :)

From the script story changed slightly. There was to be a longer drawn out fantasy love scene, right after Pyis exposes his butt.
We decided to drop this, to keep the comic more light hearted. The image you saw of Pyis and Cleo that Urban drew would have occurred in Pyis mind right before Cleo wakes up on the second page, or can also neatly fit in before the first fantasy frame on page one.

Well that's all for now! I think this comic more then speaks for itself! :)


  1. This is an extremely cute effort!

    A little erotic but mostly entertaining. A perfect kind of comic.

    Great work everyone!

  2. Glad everyone enjoy our lil comic, for me the nosebleed was my best panel I ever did, should seen how my Dad looking me strangely with the wierd grin I have when I draw it. - FallenAngel

  3. muy interesante comic...
    el faraon es un pervertido!!!! jajajaja

  4. Lol it's cute. Turned out pretty darn nice too. ^^
    It's good that your comic ideas can be executed in short time! lol I think God knows how long a couple of my own comic ideas have been waiting from various artists. >3> They'll come eventually... or so I am... told. XD;

  5. Great piece ! A little too bad it's in black and white but so promising !



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