Friday, July 9, 2010

Maduinshorns Breath taking Strider and Urbanmusiqs tribute to FallenAngels Seal Manga

It is hot here in Canada, let me tell you guys...So hot that I refused to sit at my PC and do any work for the last couple of days. My room, even with a fan is like a furnace. So I have been slow with the blog posts. I got three treats for you guys tonight. Really big stuff! They're only relation to each other is how awesome they all are! LOL.
Okay so you all know by now I have a huge crush on Strider. I had to ask Maduinshorn if he could draw Strider and Space Cadet for me. I wanted him to picture Cadet laying at Striders feet enjoying an overwhelming view and fuck did he deliver the goods, or what? This is one of the most breathtaking images I have ever gotten.
Maduinshorns instant Classic Cadet at the hoofs of the beast!

For once size Matters!
Cadet is about to plotz..Even for a black guy, that's gotta be too much cock to handle! LOL. Marios version of Strider is a perfect vision of power and grace. From his chiseled hairy chest, proud handsome profile, to his tail whipping in the wind, he is a dream come true. That cock is the most legendary he has every constructed. And yeah..I made him go bigger and push Byron back further from the sketch to the line art. XD His Cadet is a mass of beautiful muscles, that as strong as he is, looks paralyzed in the presence of such a fucking wonderful dick. He gonna enjoy some Clydesdale man cream in a few minuets. Sorry to swear so much in this review, but this image gets my blood pumping like mad. XD
This is the first horse that Maduinshorn ever drew and he is wicked. He shaded and outlined every muscle of the animal perfectly. Love the shading especially around the hair around his hoofs. The size difference in this image I am sure will be talked for years to come. XD The background is way more then I ask for. The rising stone spires reaching for Marios warm summer sunset, complements the spectacle in the foreground perfectly. The look so comfy in their little hideaway don't they? ^_^

For more Strider and Space Cadet, check out Space Cadet #1!
Space Cadet #1 Erotic Gay Comic.

Recently FallenAngel did a H Manga called Unseal for Love. It's the cute story of a young man named Yuto who is asked by the Village Elder to take care of a young Woman who lives in a sacred sanctuary. As he gets to know her, his passion starts to flare. Will be be able to contain his lust? And just why his she confined to this place? If you want to find out more, check out FallenAngels gallery on Hentai Foundry:

In Celebration of such a wonderful story, Urbanmusiq did some super sweet fan art for Fallen! He depicted Yuto and Yuko in the middle of passionate standing thrusts! XD I really liked this image a lot and asked if I could post it here to help promote Fallens comic and share with the world this hot art!

Urban applied his style to these two, making Yuto a fine strong chinned young man and Yuko a regal beauty. She has the look of a classic seductress. It was great to see these two in colour. I really love Yutos dark complexion and Yukos morrigan like green hair. XD Urban is as awesome at woman as he is at guys. I hope you all enjoy this special image and will take a look at Fallens ever so hot story!

I will end this evening with an image I should have got up here a couple weeks ago. Ulysses once again came to my aid to create something special. This time, we didn't go for a porn piece. I wanted to see if he could create an image of the Prince of Persia in his teenage years. He informed he did three renders before he came up with the basic design for this wonderful image. From there we talked about costume details and before I knew it, he was done! He gave the Prince a beautiful baby face and strong young frame. He pictured him around 15, just old enough to grow in some facial hair, but with the visage of boy still reaching for adulthood.
Uly the sensual genius that he is pictured him high above the world, looking out into the unending landscape. A cheerful grin gracing his face. This is a sight he will encounter time and again as in adult, just not in as calm and relaxing circumstances as depicted by Uly. Thanks man!


  1. Wahey, Boobs! Good work. :3
    Always, a wonderful selection of stuff. Although I never cease to be freaked out by the taur character. XD; It's definitely different. Mad rocks it out big time though. ;)

  2. Nows the one HUGE hung Strider for Space Cadet :D!

    Urban's girls always rocks..I will wanna go for Sabell :D nyohohohohooho

    Ulyssess Prince is sexy and smooth :D




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