Friday, March 7, 2014

Sketches Of A Centaur

Tonight it is my pleasure to show you guys a bit of the creative process that went into creating Suiji Kǒudài. Caravaggia was the first to draw the character, but at the same time she was working, both Fallenangel and Maduinshorn were kind enough to also help bring him to life. Maduinshorns liked his concept and sent me two brilliant sketches. Both of them feature his horns. They were feature that almost got left on the drawing table, till I decided how to use them. (I always imagined him as having a dark side.) I love his take on the character. He's extraordinarily powerful looking and the horns complement that exponentially.  He looks like he fell out of some bad ass fighting anime based on Greek Mythology. 

Branches are always put to good use when a centaur wants to relax and enjoy a blow job from a human.  This was the fist sexual image of Suiji Kǒudài.  The warrior below him may one day have his story filled out.  He is an original creation of Maduinshorns. 
The second sketch image of Suiji Kǒudài  drawn by FallenAngel was accompanied by many different color schemes for the character.  He did up at lest 4 of these images.  It also featured his take on the Dojo landlord and his second take on the Teacher.  In his initial sketch of the centaur his bangs had a curve much like muttonchops.  (See below) 

With Maduinshorns, Fallen and Caravaggias help I was better able to conceptualize the character in my mind. I can't thank them enough for their guiding hands.


  1. These sketches are simply amazing. Love how he draws the faces. Could you link a site where we can find more of his art?

    1. I am glad you like his art so much. You can find more about his site through this post:



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