Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A real PS3 'Trophy' Chris and Bahamut by Maduinshorn

This brilliant image by Maduinshorn is my own personal reward for blasting through Resident Evil 5 and Hard Corps uprising back in March. Pfffft trophies! Tempt me with something as hot and sexy as this and I will sit there and try to respect those objectives...(probably still not.) XD

My two newest favorite action stars meet the only way they should, having hot man sex. :P

Maduinshorn made sure Chris is still abusing the 'roids, by making him super big. He looks like he could rip the head off any monster. He's fucking awesome! Sorry Sheva, you gotta give the boy some time to relax. Go find Josh! XD Dude needs some comforting after losing his entire team.
If you haven't played Hard Corps you are missing out not only on a fun Contra game, with RPG elements, but some super anime eye candy. Bahamut is just what the 2D doctor ordered, a brightly colored sexy muscles stud toting huge guns. I gotta say his image on the add was a main reason for looking into the game. Hey, good looking main characters of this calibur are just not as common as they once were.

Maduinshorn reproduced him even sexier then in the game. He buffed up his arms, tricked out a thick loooooooooong uncut cock for him and for the first time planted a smile on his face. What is it about big pant legs that makes a man irresistible?


  1. Lol, this is more like a trophy for the characters xD

    Oh awesome art, i love it. Is a must to always love everything Chris related but i am glad Bahamut is there!!! Hes as hawt as Chris and deservs love x3

  2. Oh yeah, thats a good trophy :D nyohohohoho

  3. Hee hee yeah that is true! I bet video game characters would like a reward like this once in awhile, eh? XD In a perfect world...



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