Monday, May 16, 2011

That's a Beautiful Big Foot

I found this comic in a out of print edition of a magazine called Sizzle. Published in 2003 with art by very talented Raúlo Cáceres. It's a very hot and actually very touching story of a young Yeti. He's so steamy I just had to show it off to you guys. Who'da thunk Big Foot could be hot? XD Since this blog does feature many prehistoric themed men, I figure Sasquatch and Yeti are a perfect fit. The comic is straight sex. It's true I would much rather see these guys in some gay, or at least bi action, but there is no denying awesome this is. XD

I feel it's a shame it's no longer available in print, or digital form. If anyone feels it should not be posted here, let me know and down it goes.



  1. Lol this is so campy and goofy. XD I liked it though, pretty interesting. I thought them busting the convention of a monkey-like bigfoot was silly though because they're all soft and pretty and buff. XD But of course that was the intention, so it works! Very nice showing this comic as well, DP. :3

  2. :D nyoo~~~~~ - FallenAngel

  3. Thanks Bu! I am glad you liked it. I didn't have to ponder posting this for long. It's hidden deep within the pages of a fairly obscure magazine. The cover would probably never entice any gay men to look in it. I certainly didn't expect just a treasure to be hidden within it's pages. I agree the dialog is very silly. It was originally in Spanish, (I think) so it could be a translation issue.



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