Friday, May 20, 2011

Recommended Watch: Olympus Refuge of the Gods

I bought this movie back in 1998, or early 1999 on VHS. I found it a not so local variety store. It made me an even bigger fan of the gorgeous Frank Gun. I first discovered him in a movie called From Russia With Love. In it he played a bell boy. I don't know if that was the actual name of the movie, it's the one the copy I had gave it. I have not been able to relocate a copy of it since. Frank at this time was still young and donned long curly black locks. He was dreamy! The camera man gave him and the other guys equal attention along with the female cast. It also stars the very handsome John Walton.
Back then, it was hard for me to get my hands on gay porn due to where I was living. The movies theme of Greek Gods made it an instant purchase. I was still all about Disney's Hercules back then. :P After a lot of searching I finally found a copy online today. The movie was as hot as I remember it.

It tells the tale of how Frank and his wife are swept away into Olympus and engage in sex with the Gods. After an orgy scene then are returned to Earth, where they confess their true love for each other. The movie only features a few (but very sexy stars.) Frank has sex about 4 times and John as the God Apollo twice. Introduced near the end of the movie are two titan gods. Despite how good looking and muscular they are, we never get to see them perform. I wonder if they were added just for eye candy, if the scene was left on the cutting room floor, or they were found to be unable to perform? They go uncredited, so finding further information on these two seems impossible.

John as Apollo.

Frank and his wife explore the Temple, but she is more interested him then history.

But They will see!!!

Who could resist him in those cute pink shorts?

Frank explains the tale of Venus to his wife. He winds up bringing her back to life.

Fank and Venus. His wife just wondered off. I don't know how she didn't hear them making love. Frank and his wife together again. Love the foreskin action during the final climax.

The two Titan Gods that didn't do much except run around during the movie.

There were a few other Greek/Roman God movies. I saw the box of one involving an orgy. I have never located a copy of that movie, nor do I know it's name. Frank appeared in Ulysses some time later. That movie was really good. The other I know about stars Frank yet again, paired with Hakan as Hercules. Hakan was a very stunning young European. He was cut and had a very good build. Sadly he was no Hercules. He didn't have the muscles to pull off the role. Still, the movie is very hot. The movie was produced in 1998 and simply called Hercules. It was possibly produced to cash in on the current craze. Olympus were made by Valentine video, but later distributed by Moonlight Entertainment and In-X-Cess Productions. I highly recommended searching these movies out. They came in a time when there was a lot of high class porn coming from Europe, usually from Private. You will be surprised by how many good looking guys they used. ;)

Here are some images of Frank. Sadly they are really old and not the best Res.

Okay Don't kill me guys, Gay stuff is coming up next! :P

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