Saturday, May 14, 2011

Holocene is Full of Rhythm By Yelmo

Last week poor Yelmo caught a horrible cold. I swear he drove all that fever heat out of his body and implanted it into these HOT images. :P

When I see this I can hear him singing Balanco my mind. I Watch him getting over confident, doing a samba, shaking his bum, trying to schmooze with the guys, acting like he all that...kissing and winking...balancing the rose on the tip of his tongue. The crowd taking this all in would be reacting differently, hot girls giving him the cold shoulder, kids laughing and clapping, older woman smiling and hiding their faces as they blush. I think Yelmo put in a little of his performing spirit in him. :)

Of course once he found the guy he likes, he would very quickly lose his covering and present the target of his affection with his special prize:

Yelmos art got me thinking a lot about Holocene. His playful wink and big beautiful eyes seemed to beg me to do so! I spent two nights coming up with an entire story for him. I am still working on it. Hopefully I will be able to have it completed by the end of summer. Thanks Yelmo for this very inspirational image man. ^_^ Oh those eyes!!! XD


  1. lol, I do like the character's design and how he brought the character to life here. It's quite humorous with the musical instrument and the rose and all that. It's almost perfect for a casanova-style valentine's image. XD Nice stuff.

  2. Nice one Yelmo Holocene is damn sexy with the guitar and rose - FallenAngel

  3. Thanks for the kind words Bu! Oh Holocene would love to be on an official Valentine. I am sure it would do wonders for his ego. :P
    Glad you guys like the classic guitar and rose combo!



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