Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New From Zipopen, Halloween cums early! XD

OK so it's September already and that means my thoughts instantly start to turn to pumpkins and spooky decorations. Coming up soon I will be posting an entire series of hot devils done by the talented artists Demona and Fallenangel. But to start off the season right, here's my first official Halloween request done by my good friend Zipopen:

Donovan and Demitri from Darkstalkers!

My idea for these two was not as complex as this action packed image! Zip took the moves from the game like Demitris' cape flip win pose and Donovans bead action and made something very naughty! Zipopen must have been very inspired by all the art and animations I sent him. I always thought we needed to use Donovans beads somehow...Zip had a really great idea! Demitri's hot uncut cock is getting some cupping action while Donovan's cute brown cut dick is getting a foot rub down! HOT HOT HOT!!! This is a seamless masterpiece of mixing game material with erotica. One of Zips most exciting images and a great way to start this season! More creatures of the night to come I hope!
Thanks Zipopen you're awesome, you keep topping yourself! :)

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