Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dimata and Smilo Go 3D!!!!

A little while ago I asked the enchanting Anthony if it would be possible to do any of my characters in 3D. You see Anthony, like my buddy Uly, is a master of 3D. His boys are graceful, sweat and so very sexy. He has even produced wonderful animations of them. He has done many anthro and Kemonomimi characters. He jumped on the idea with much excitement. Not only did he do one image, he produced a whole series! And it's just breathtaking to say the very least. Here it is in full.

Oh my Gosh! These are amazing!!! I can't believe how well they turned out. Smilo is so rugged and sexy!!! That face and Facial hair..sigh..Swoons... :blush:
Dimata is just the perfect little plaything! So innocent, but with a ragging hard on! :drool::heart: I love this cute tusks and big ears!
I can't get over the fact that you did an entire series of these for me! You're such a generous guy Anhony! :kiss::inlove::love: Seeing my boys in 3D, like they were real is so exhilarating. :widesmile:
Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Woo Hoo!:happyhappy::heart::heart::heart:

Excellent position. Smilos face is priceless! His hair is so shiny, I love it. Dimata has such a hot build. The mammoth watching is such a cool addition!!!

That's a wicked ass pose! On three legs with one up and getting a reach around too! This is amazing stuff man. Ha ha, the mammoth is jealous! So so sexy. :blush::heart::kiss:

That is one big member to take and ride!! Smilo needs to focus!!! XD Very hot! I think the mammoth is jealous. :lol::kiss:

Ah, the lovers embrace. So romantic!:blush: You get a really good view of Dimatas tusks here and smilos hot thick cock! Man, it was such an honor for you to bring them into 3D life. Thanks so so much! :heart::heart::heart::happyhappy:

The reactions were so crazy positive for these. I hope Anthony will find a way to use these boys again.
Dude, I am so honored, that you took these boys and gave them digital flesh and blood. And to do it out of the kindness of your your own heart, I am in your debt. Much love you Anthony!

Anthony is one of the hardest working people on Y many other sites. Check out his stable of hot young men!

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