Thursday, September 26, 2013

Camili-Cat, Deimos and Zahn Together at Last

A few months ago I talked about the Stripshow special comic that was coming out from Class this summer. Stripshows are the boys way of giving back to the fans, through what is usually a free monthly comic page given to subscribers. This year we have gotten really spoiled with great comics by artists like Jezzasmiles, David Cantero. (From what I heard on the grape vine, Leon De Leon is working on something featuring a certain aquatic hero as well.)  Sometimes the stories go for two months. On rare occasions they may even go three months, but most are usually one page one shots.  All the comics this year were really great and the biggest event for many fans was probably the summer special by Patrick Fillion.  This massive 4 pager stared the three most popular stars of Class meeting up for an endless orgy.  Class Comics never has an issue pairing it's characters across time and space.  I give them credit for doing so with some sort of logic behind it.  Characters are rarely just paired in story form without a proper explanation.  However this pairing is a bit of a challenge.  In order to pair a Barbarian from a far off fantasy land, a demon fighting in a world gone to hell and a Cat man from across the galaxy, Patrick and Fraser recruited a character that has his roots in Stripshows beginnings, the compilation Striptease from 2008.  It was a very clever move and one that provided one of the hottest little stories from the publisher this year.  (With grand possibilities for the future as well!)  I rarely do this, but I did so love this comic, that I wanted to share it here for those that might have missed it.  I apologize for Googles odd resizing of the pages....

Here is the collector as he appeared with Lanor in his original appearance.  I've always wondered if he would appear again and have his original story teaser fleshed out.  The Collector is an interesting character.  In a sense you could say he kind of represents the reader, collecting all hot men they can, reading the stories over and over and watching them fuck...
This is the original group of men that the Collector kidnapped.  One has to wonder now if they were all deemed worthy of his branding?  Will there one day be a giant orgy penned by Patrick featuring Cam, Deimos and Zahn along with the rest of his massive collection?  I'm putting it out there, I would love to see THE COLLECTOR ISSUE #1!  That would be one of the most amazing books ever.
Bye, bye guys!  See you next time. 

I have a funny feeling they were humming song to themselves as they departed... :P

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