Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy 30th Guytoonist

 Soooooo my old friend Guytoonist is now really an old friend.  On Thursday the Florida based artist turned 30.  Time to start looking at those retirement communities Guy! :P  Just kidding.  Guytoonist couldn't feel any younger I am sure.  He has just started going back to school and all those 20 something studs are rejuvenating him every day.  Don't worry about turning 30 man. You are one of those people that get sexier with each passing year.  Lucky son of a...cough...ANYWAY!...Hee hee.  FallenAngel and some other artists and I got together to make a few happy birthday images for our friend.  This post features the two pieces Fallen did.  Since this was his big three o we decided to go back to Guytoonists early images and present him something from the start of his last decade, to ring in the start of his next.  We chose Koltar and Ambercrombien.  FallenAngel did a fantastical job on both.  Koltar is looking nice and tight and ready for Guy to pull on that tight foreskin and feel up his muscles.  Ambercrom on the other hand, is more interested in getting fucked up the ass.  He waits in farmers field, in an image that is fitting of his name sake. Fallen even thought to give him a scarf out of the fall catalog..(Can you believe it's fall already? O__O)  Of course, I doubt he will be feeling very chilly with Koltar, or Guy fucking him.

This Guytoonist first colour image of Koltar the Immasculator, his inspirational gay Barbarian.  This was done way back in May 2006. You can see the first two images of him through the these links:  Koltar Colour  and  Koltar Cover.

Guytoonist Ambercrombien' Bitch character has always been in my mind one of his most iconic characters.  His doe eyes, luscious lips, smooth body and large, but not gigantic penis make him a delight for the eyes.  They were and remain a trademark of Guytoonist lovely style.  Ambercrom may be a bitch by title, but he nor, any of Guytoonists characters come off as men you wouldn't want to spend a good deal of time getting to know.  They may be because there's a little bit of Guytoonist own friendly nature in each pen stroke.   You can check out his original posting through this link:  Ambercrombien
FallenAngel has a special right now that is going on till the 30th of September. Any one character for $10. You can check it out on his Journal Page.


  1. Happy Birthday, Guytoonist! We live in the same state and turned the same age this year. We'll keep on truckin!

  2. Happy Bday Guytoonist, no worry on age really, I'm older than you! ^0^ go forward to infinity!!!!!!!



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