Monday, September 16, 2013

Prometheus Engineer Sucked Off by Space Cadet By Aneros

 Okay so tonight I am unleashing what Patrick Fillion himself has said to be 'hands down the most incredible piece Aneros has done to date.'  I couldn't agree more.  Aneros has been working on this for a few weeks and it totally paid off. .  Prepare for his epic pairing of sexy alien to come out of Hollywood since Alf  and Class Comic's all star intergalactic gay heart throb, The Engineer and Space Cadet!

  I really feel he captured the essence of what truly makes a great science fiction piece, with his wonderful lighting and amazingly detailed background.  Love how the dark room in the ship is lighted by the galaxy map.  How the soft light brings out every fine detail on the Alien and the hero  It's really great, since it really draws the eye to Byrons face, which is one of Aneros most detailed of his career.  Totally splendid.  I hope you guys enjoy this as much as Patrick and I did.  I made the mistake of eating some rice crackers when I opened it up.  It took my breath away, literally. I gasped and swallowed harder then Cadet! I started coughing and chocking! XD  hee hee. I won't soon forget opening that e-mail!

Aneros's Space Cadet echos his original design so wonderfully.  I miss Byrons slightly unkempt frizzy hair.
 Patrick Fillions Engineer.  He presented this on his site just after seeing the film.  It got a lot of people I know interested in seeing the movie! (Better then any of the flims trailers for the gay crowd I guess!) Certainly got my attention.  Aneros used this image as his bases for his Engineer. As you can see he used the same dick and balls. 

The Engineer looks a bit shocked by all this porn.  Guess they will never figure us strange creatures out.


  1. how the movie should have gone :-)

    1. If only David had used his mouth for this, instead of jabbering about living forever! XD



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