Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gay stuff found in straight Comics: James Lemays Brigette

One thing about Quebec, it certainly has been responsible for shooting out some amazing adult comic artists. Along with Patrick Fillion and some up and coming stars online, there is also James Lemay. He has been doing strips for QUEBEC EROTIQUE since, I believe the mid 90s. Even though I very understandably don't pick up many straight mags, this one in particular I don't think I have ever seen on the shelves. It's a shame, because it wasn't till a few years ago that I discovered his work starting with the Brigette's Quickies series. So what makes Lemays work about a young woman looking for sex so interesting to a gay man? Well, since his series tend to revolve around one woman, there is a huge turn over of male characters. And all all of these men are made to be just as sexy as his female cast, if not more so at times. The men always get equal amounts of attention as well. His art has a very cartoony style to it, much akin to what you would find in girls comics in the 80s I would guess. I wasn't through with Vol 1 that I starting to wonder if Lemay might be just a bit bi curious when I found the following comic:

I find it very interesting that in the entire three pages there is only 1 vagina shot and one shot of her boob. I guess the French are more open with their sexuality then the rest of Canada. :P I couldn't see this appearing in Hustler, or Playboy. While I haven't read all his works, this was the only gay themed piece I ever saw him do. Such a shame!

The only issue I have with his art is that he draws what I like to called Limbo dicks. That is, cocks that seem to be somewhere between cut and uncut. They have features of both and it's hard to tell at times what the status of some of the guys is meant to be. It's common among adult artists sadly. The good news is that as the years went by, Lemay became more conscious of this and now seems to clearly draw in foreskin, or leave it off.
Here is an example of his early attempts at drawing a true foreskin, it's hot! :P The other beach boy looks more definitively cut, though the rumpled skin behind the head on the first page made me question the status at first.

James Lemay continues to do erotic comics to this day. He has touched upon some very interesting topics from science fiction to horror. Take a look around for his works! :)
**This blog post is meant to show gay men Lemays works. If the artist wants it removed it shall be done right away.***

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