Monday, July 4, 2011

Barbarian Hunger

This is a short one page gag I wrote last week. I was doodling for hours one night. When I got up I must have been hungry for Tacos I guess! I sent the idea to FallenAngel who wanted to draw it. So he set to work and had it done pretty quickly. This is just us being silly! Hope you guys enjoy it! :P

Fallen of course did a marvelous job with this. (Especially in dealing with the dialog and the character designs.) He added a very tight apron on the older waitress! :P I love his little star men along the word 'wham' and the complicated wood pattern done by hand in the first panel. I wanted to introduce a place the guys go often to eat and relax. I drew a couple designs of the character and sent them to FallenAngel. The young waitress of the establishment is a would be harem girl. I am sure they will come back some day. For now Vann is gonna take a short break. It's time to focus on some other characters. :)


  1. My first impression on Vann's weird behavoir is like those in-demanding customers in fastfood, demanding EXACT think what the advertising said ^^; - FallenAngel

  2. And you know what happens to people that act like that in a cartoon world! XD Thanks again for the awesome job Fallen. :D

  3. :D no prob - FallenAngel

  4. lol daww this is cute. Poor cow though. XD It looks upset. Oh but he must be a real warrior, because only a real man would eat his beef product THAT rare. lol

  5. Not that's a woman that knows how to find an appropriate solution!



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