Sunday, July 17, 2011

Magic Sword Special Over At the FallenAngels Tower!

FallenAngel, like me is always looking for some great scans from Capcoms past. Recently he has been on a quest to find good art of the Brave One characters that were player 1 and 2 from Magic Sword. When we did our project, I did my best to take some decent screen shots of the game and send him some images of the characters I found online. (There wasn't much I could find at the time.) In May I found a huge collection of images from the game and sent them his way. This week he decided it was time to put those refs to good use and did an entire blog post featuring Brave One and his second player counterpart getting intimate with each other. I don't think anyone, anywhere ever attempted to draw that character!
If you are a Capcom fan you gotta check this out:

Recent art from the Final Fight Combo Pack last year.

The amazon is cute too. I have feeling Fallen will be taking her on one day. XD


  1. me? on the amazon? YOU BETCHA! >:D - FallenAngel

  2. You bring about something I am new to, but somehow still familiar... HMM. The art style of the second picture is very familiar actually.

  3. It's official Capcom art, so I am sure the chances of seeing it around the net and in mags is pretty high! :P Though, I didn't see much of the art for this game that was related to Magic Sword till early this year.



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