Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Berzerk Jerk

The following comic started off as just a sketch and an idea I had based on the game Berzerk. I really don't think there are a lot of people that remember Berzerk, so let me explain it a bit. In the game you are this naked stick man running around a maze planet. Your ship has been destroyed by robots called the Automazeons. You are now being hunted by them and their leader Evil Otto. Everything you touch, besides the floors will electrocute you to death. There is no food, no water, just one long continuous maze. If you stay in an empty room, the leader Otto will come after you. Destroy him and another more powerful, faster Otto will take his place. There is no escape! You must fight and keep moving until you finally parish. It's enough to drive you mad if you think about it too much!
Berzerk is a game that is sited for having a lot of firsts. It was the first shooter. It often got dubbed as the first survival horror game as well. (Though there was no ending and thus no way to actually survive.) That was something that bothered me as a child, but was expected in such games. It was also among the first games to have speech. (My Atari version of course lacked this.) It was also as far as I know the first game someone died while playing. A teenager had a heart attack while playing it. I got the game as a hand me down, complete with box and book, and enjoyed it. I would play it at night and it would freak me out a bit. I always thought the nameless hero on the cover was hot. I wanted to use him in a project for some time.

I started to wonder what happens to the character living in the game. Stuck there, always on the run, surly his balls would start to beg for attention right? So what would happen if he tried to jerk off?

My original idea was just for the human to be sitting and trying to jerk off in private, while a robot bothered him. (See below.) I sent the idea to Maduinshorn who liked it and started doing character designs. The sketches were really awesome. He made the robot really goofy looking at first. I got a good laugh out of that. We talked about some changes here and there. After those sexy images were completed, he started to sketch the image I described.
He did 3 poses and unbeknownst to him, he had actually set them up to work like a comic page. So I inquired about doing a comic. He laughed, being surprised at the discovery and agreed. From there I right away talked about what would happen after this page, but put that on hold for the time being. Doing a comic is a lot of fun. Mario worked really hard on it, getting the characters just right and making the human ever so sexy! Love his cock in the final panel! XD His expressions are amazing and the Robot is a perfect mix of creepy and sexy.
I really didn't give much, if any direction after the initial set up. Mario had everything under control. I just sat back and enjoyed the show! :P When the inking was done, the spot light fell on me to colour it! XD Knowing Maduinshorn uses Sai, the same system I use, I was hoping coloring this would go smoothly and it did. I only did flats with a few highlights and a little shading. I got some tips from Maduinshorn on using some watercolors. Guytoonist helped me out big time finding some useful fonts, which I used for the Automazeons speech. I hope you guys like our little project! :P

Here is a short look at the art of Berzerk!

The sexy nameless hero, with his mushroom cut hair and tight space suit!
Perfect 80's space hunk!:P

Promotional standee with a nice picture of the Automazeon.

My sketch of the idea. The penis of the Automazeon is influenced by Patrick Fillions Colossus image. :P

Screen shot of the game. Hey he's naked!

Berzerks box promises a comic, but it was not about Berzerk itself. This was another thing that prompted the creation of the comic.

I have a second page for this comic all planned out in my head. So stayed tuned for part two in the near future!


  1. That's really good now I see why you said you were hot ! ^^ Great job !



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