Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking back on some Wonderful art, the First Commissions of Crusiz and Aneros

This is a pure Catch up, I should be ashamed of myself blog! LOL. I so had these ready to blog the second they came in, but I kept having things come up, tried to build a theme, or was just too lazy to get them on! Well here they are FINALLY on my blog!
Ok so lets start at the start, Cruzis very first commission for me:

This idea came from Ink-B, who in his description of Lil'Deep stated that Smilo wants to avoid bottoming for Lil'Deep at all costs! XD This stunning image went on to generate 250 favs on Y!Gallery! WOW! XD

Here is my reaction:
Wow I have the honor of being Master Cruzis first commission client! WOO HOO! I wish I had some long involved story to tell, but I really don't! Cruzis was a real joy to finally talk to on MSN. He was very very eager to draw and even asked me if he could include Smilo in the commission! I love it when people take that initiative! It made me feel really excited to see what he had planned. Well I sat and thought of the idea fairly fast. And I sent him the worst mouse drawn stick man sketch ever. In like a day I had this gorgeous image in my inbox!
Your Smilo is so strong and built looking! He is in the perfect pose, cause after having that Megalodons giant cock in his ass you need support! I really love your take on him. His hair is amazing. Thanks for giving him the big saber fangs! They rock!
Lil Deep is just grand! I love the sharp teeth and the fish man style ears! Too cool! The cock spray is so hot! Thanks for doing such a nice background too!
This warrants more!
Another Y gallery dream come true!
I can't wait for the next one! :heart::heart::heart:

The only change I wanted was Smilos Sabers to be longer. It's the one thing on him I can be a real stickler about.

I was second in line as well...XD here is Crusiz pairing of Dimata and Chiida. Poor Crusiz, I am pretty sure he was one of the first people do have to draw Chiida based mostly on my sketches...He turned out really well, very rough and gruff looking. ;P

Mammoth at the mercy of a Trilobite.
At this time I was trying to figure out Chiidas relationship with the rest of the boys. This helped me decided he was more a pain in the butt, to the heros, instead of being full out evil.

A another sweet masterpiece by Mr. Cruzis. I really LOVE what you did with Dimata. He has the most sculpted body, it is just so HAWT! I adore his stubble and those cute eyes! Great great job! :happyhappy::heart:
Chiida is a mass of arthropod armor, I don't know how you didn't get lost drawing all that! So many details! Thanks so much for adding in his penis! It's beyond sexy how it is getting covered with the cum leaking down from Dimata. And thank you for doing such a great job on the Trilobite head as well. It's amazing too. :happy2:
The background might not have been the one I wanted, but after looking at it, I will admit it defiantly adds a sense of danger and uh..HEAT to the image! I hope he will untie Dimata now that they are done! Time to book! XD I will be honest, it makes for a is a very cool image. And I thank you for your creativity.
Thanks so much for working so hard and fast!
Cruzis your willingness to work with the customer and make them happy means you are on your way to becoming one of the best artists for hire! Keep it up! :) :heart:
Big kiss! :kitty2::heart:

Next was the first actual commission I asked from Aneros (Voider.) Before this, he had only coloured images for me. So I decided to take the next step and give him a full image to work on.
I really love the long lanky, muscular body he gave him. His facial features and hair looks a bit rugged, a little weather worn. The look of a creature that has spent all his life outside. Love the hang low on those hard balls! Nice job!

I'm really pleased at how well your take on Dinosaur Prince came out. I wanted to give you something special to draw for our first commission. No one has touched him since Jaytee took him on so long ago now. You did an amazing job on all the details such as the scales, how the dinosaurian skin merges into human in his front and all the cool spots. :kiss: Nice job on the legs as well, I really like his knees! XD You have given him a very adorable face, with those huge sideburns and sexy nose. How I do love the way you do eyes.:heart: It's so sweet how his hair is falling over his shoulders. Long haired guys are so hot are they not? :lol:
The cock is great, especially that gorgeous head! One of your best. I can't get over those low hanging balls! XD SEXY!!!!
Thanks Voider! I hope you will take on another sexy subject in the future. :)

Next up will be a lot of new original characters. I am happy to report that both Aneros and Crusiz are working on new commissions at this time.


  1. As usual, a plethora (ooh fancy word for the Bu) of nicely planned images from two really great artists! :3
    You are simply just a never ending pool of ideas. I'm sure you'd make a living running off of writing porn plotlines? XD Hey you never know!

  2. HHA I was like "hey, I already saw that first pic somewhere !" but sure, it was a long time ago ! ^^ I so understand, we never have time and so much things to do !

  3. Ha ha ha Bu, I wish I could have that job! I think many of us dream of that! But for now I am more then happy doing what I do.

    Hey Ga-L it is so hard to keep up with all my commissions. I want to show them love and at least try to work in a theme. I have a dozen from last year that I am planning blogs for. Some were all ready to be blogged, but just never made it, like these ones.



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