Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A thank you from Ink-B and a Wonderful Athan by Crusiz!

Hey everyone! This blog is directed to all the great artists that came through for Ink-B on his birthday. To show his gratitude, he has created a gay brother for Athan! Athan himself is straight. He has 13 brothers and this one named ELIAS, is not on the straight and narrow like Athan is. He is quite evil and is able to summon two powerful Water familiars called Toros to do his bidding.
According to Ink he lives for sex. His sex addiction causes him to fill his days fucking royal guards and soldiers, it's his main activity in life. He prefers Felinoid type Catmen over regular humans.

With hugs and kisses from Ink here he is, a shining wonder, Elias:

I only just received this image! Oh my gosh that blue silken hair! His glowing purple eyes, and oh so lickable skin tone, I might just have to betray Athan and take his side! XD He can't be that bad can he? He has great lined tatoos that must give him power like his brother. These ones are much bigger and not as complicated as Athan. I wonder if this means he has greater natural control? I guess we will know when Ink finalizes his stories! He's an awesome character. Woo, I need to sit down!

Speaking of Awesome. The wicked Cruzis just completed his birthday present for Ink-B today. Now in all fairness, Cruzis was called to duty for late in the game and was working on many projects at the same time as this. He has apologized for being a little late, but that's cool cause I didn't expect him to be done on time. ^_^ Anyway he more then made up for it, by creating this very stunning image of Athan and his wolf familiar running into action. Just check out that chest! Woo! He's one sexy piece of man meat. His face is so dark and handsome and his hair is so sexy as it blows in the breeze like that. You just want him to take you away in his arms! Ugh..what torture it is not to ask for a visible Penis! LOL. Thank Cruzis. Geeze..I so need to get your earlier images up here. I am soooo lazy... :(

Speaking of entries being late, I totally forgot to put up FallenAngels Final Fantasy image for Ink here! This was an early Birthday gift for him. So it slipped through the cracks. Ooops! This one is hot, Squall and Basch inspect and talk about their cocks in the seclusion of a locker room!

My reaction:

A very nice present, for the deer sweet Ink-B, who I am sure would love to peek into this locker and listen the conversation these two are having about their penises! Thank you man, they are sooooo hot and cute! Hee hee I wonder if Squall is a little cold? XD
Fallen joked and said Ink is inside a locker peeking! :P


  1. As always, a pretty cool collection of stuff gathered here. The colors on the pic of Elias is really cool. :3 Plus he is kinda glooooowy!

  2. Heee shiny pubes ! Love it ! XD



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