Saturday, April 10, 2010

Urbanmusiq Presents Cyborg Love Comic! SO MUCH ART!!!!!

Hey Hey Hey!!! I have way to much to possibly show you guys in one blog post today so get ready cause today the hunks will abound and the cum is gonna flow from you pants like a waterfall!!!
First off the one, the only, my dear sweet Urbanmusiq, the artist behind Stripshow from Class Comics has created for me one of the hottest comics ever! XD HA HA HA and I say that even though I wrote it! XD Ego much? XD Guys I am so very excited and happy to show this off! I was in the worst funk after a funeral and finding out two people I hold in high regard had given up gay art. This was a rough week. Last night I was so deflated it wasn't funny. But all this great stuff has put me on cloud nine.

The Story of Carlos and Christer Echo met and who they are was done up by me one day at work. (While the vicious cougars walked back and forth trying to ready what it was I was typing instead of doing my work.)

The Story of these two goes that in his younger days Carlos met a frail young Christer in the middle of a swamp on his home planet. He rescued him from a giant predator and took him in. It's a little more complected then that. But since I plan to do more of the lead up comic and follow up comic that's all you need to know! XD

This comic takes places many months after Chister has begun to live with Carlos. They work together excavating treasures and minerals from Christers home planet. Christer has grown to become very large. Well, I will let the comic do the talking for me! Please feel free to leave comments. I really need to know what people think of this.

The process went smooth as silk. I am thanking my lucky stars, cause the revisions we had to make were 95% grammatical! XD I talked to many artist and all of them thought I should peruse the comic idea. Of course doing a full comic is pretty epic. So I figure I will continue this some time in the future. I talked to Urbanmusiq about doing a couple pages. I took the love scene and had to condense a portion of the scene into a two page spread. I decided to take out the action involving Carlos and focus on Christer's virginity. I then had to draw it up. Never have I drawn so fast and with such purpose. I was done in like 20 mins. Ok so it was mostly bad sketches, but it laid the ground work for poses and panels. I swear we must really click. Urban had the two pages done that day as I recall. Fully sketched and ready to ink and colour. I was taken aback. I never thought this fall into place so perfectly and so fast. He did everything perfectly. Each panel sent me into a frenzy! I am sending him the Kleenex bill.. XD

From there he worked on the comic at leisure. He had a a lot of input to give me regarding Christers colours. He didn't scold me, or treat me like a child. No, he treated me, just the dumb kid with dreams, as an co-worker and friend. He showed me how different colours could be used to make him work better visually. He explained a lot of theory and compared it to things I could easily understand. In the end all his ideas sounded good and I had to ask a few friends, people who helped create these characters to help me out. After hearing from them my mind was set and Christers hair colour was changed to the tone you see above. The world needs more people like these!

This is the alternate with more orange hair, which still looks great!

The idea of a younger Carlos with a full head of hair came from this image here. This was drawn one night by Urbanmusiq after talking to him at length about Carlos and my newest creation at the time Christer the Gem man. OMG I was drooling at this for hours! XD You can see that he really go the Mega Man influence I was going for with his version of Carlos. Gotta love those big ass boots! His Christer has a perfect size and shape. And a great nose!!!! XD Love it! The man is a total inspiration.

I knew I must have had something with these two when I got even more hot fan art!!! This one is from the gold hearted Maduinshorn. He is always busy with my commissions, but could not resist the temptation to sketch these two in the middle of some action! His version of these two are gonna make a return count on it! Look at the arching back on Christer. How hot is this????? The expression is just priceless. XD This guy here is just unbelievable. How did I get so lucky?

Poor Sirio and Caravaggia. Since I wanted to show off Christers Echos cock head through the comic above I had to ask them on holding out on posting this next masterpiece till it was done. I felt so bad!!! They did such an amazing job. I showed a pose to Sirio and in a blink he was in my inbox. Sirio gave him such a dramatic pose, great sexy face and cool features. Sirio had remembered he was rocky and added lumps of stone on his body and cock. That would feel great moving in and out..BLUSH. I get weak at the knees when I look at those big thick eyebrows. There is something very DBZ about this image. He's a primordial creature, but the face tells you he has a brain. Caravaggia did the colours for this. She is so great at colouring the images Sirio does that even though Sirio coloured her last image, I still asked Caravaggia to complete it. The misty background that trails to nowhere reminds me of the beautiful Dinosaur graveyard in 1991's Joe and Mac. Christer stands out epically in front of it. She even added some crystals on the boarders! I like the bumps on his chest too. They remind me of stubble from hairs that have been trimmed down.

Thank you guys, for your patients, your skills, the late nights, the hundreds of e-mails and most of all you love. My strength flows from my friends and you guys have made me feel like Hercules today. XD


  1. Thanks for the Kind Kind words buddy - great team work!

  2. Urbanmusiq art is very Awesome!! ^O^
    i hope to see some other page sooner or later! ^_____-
    Caravaggia colors, well, i LOVE!! ( thanks Caravaggia!! ♥ )

  3. freaking awesome
    UrbanMusique did an aweseome job
    im loving it ^_^



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