Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MacUser, we won't forget you.

It's a sad day for gay Canadians. One of our blossoming treasure, Macuser, has decided to leave gay art behind him. He as taken down his gallery and moved on. Heavily influenced by YTV and other sources, his art was one of the few that did justice to the Reboot series. The characters of Bob and Matrix were done with much love and care. He did his own characters that were extremly hot and did many pieces of Nathan, Uly's wonderful original character based on Tomb Raider.

He is a sweet young man to talk to, always energetic and full of mischief. I was honored to commission him late last summer. Sadly I never did a blog post of the image. I really regret that right now. It just fell between the cracks as so many images do. I wish he had told me, for now the comment made are lost forever. To Macuser I gave the subject of Ryota Hayami of the Gamecube game Waverace Blue Storm. One of Nintendo's sexiest characters, Ryota is a Japanese cutie that fueled more then a few of my fantasies.
Today I want to share the image here finally and say a final thank you to this artist. He made a brief appearance on Y!Gallery a few weeks ago, but trouble must have been stirring and as I said, all his works are no longer available.
I actually had wanted him to do an image of Dore. Maybe one day that will come to pass. I certainly hope so, cause there are few that can draw characters the way he does.

Take a look at all the detail in this image! The water is so beautiful, perfect for an image of a game that is still renowned for it's water effects. Ryota is so hot as he cums all over his life Jacket. I remember MacUser asking me if I like how his legs were positioned and of course I loved it! The Sea-do is something I am nervous asking people to draw, but he went all out and created an amazing replica of the in game vehicle. I even joked about adding a dolphin from the games first level and boom, there it was, coming to see why Ryota wasn't racing with his friends! XD It's shame I never put this up here. It's one of the most detailed commissions I got last year. It transports the viewer right into the game itself. It was actually one of his most popular pieces. I think it might have even been his most popular one for a while.

Well MacUser, let's hope one day you will return to the world of Gay art. He is still accepting commissions, so I would recommend checking him out!



  1. I read about it yesterday and makes me feel sad :s
    It was soo sudden and his works where getting better and better. I hope he come back soon tougth....

  2. Damn! This is terrible! I really liked that dude's work and never got to look at it as much as I wanted to. I kinda sorta hate it when people up and remove all their images from the internet. I know it's their properpty to own and control access to but I also think that once something's out there 'online', well, we ALL sort of own a little bit of it and access should be retained, free for all!

  3. Yeah man, I hear it's worst then even him talking down his art. From what I was told he destroyed all his art as well. So I think his fans should gather together all the art they have collected and see if they can make a complete collection for preservation. Better hold on to the pieces I sent you!



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