Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's a Classy Day...

This blog is a small collection of images based on Class Comics characters I got recently. Some of you might recall me mentioning that Kayxon, Lanors old friend, is one of my favorite Felinoids. He only has a small roll in two of the books, but he has a great design and a lot of potential. When Hoaigon opened up his commission special I wanted him to take on some Class Comics characters. He had a Special for one character, but I decided to ask for two in one image and forget about the special. I am really happy I did, cause he produced yet another masterpiece. This kid, he's something special. He showed me a couple poses and I picked the second.

I can imagine Kayxon and Spot easily falling for each other. They both are very strong, loyal characters. (I think Spot will be anyway! XD)

Hoaigons work is always so beautiful The characters burst from the page. The nipples looks so real. XD Spot is way adorable with his tongue out like, with his arm raised slightly. I think the placement of the eyes and design coupled with the facial expressions really make him look so docile. I think it's cool how Hoaigon added spots and stripes to the boys penises, big thick well done ones at that! Kayxon was given great eyebrows and a wonderful smile. He is handsome beyond compare. There's tons of of great details on the abs and chest. There is a very nice touch he added that shows off the boys affection for each other: the tails are almost wrapped around each other. AWE!

I haven't shown any of Hoaigons sketches before. They remind me traditional Japanese art a bit. Kinda like the Celestial Brush in Okami. ^_^

This is an alternate pose that was given to me. I know it rocks on so many levels, but I was more interested in seeing the boys from the front. Maybe this will be follow up image one day.

The next art is from Sworn. This was a request done by an old friend of mine Persuastrix Long ago Persuastrix was named Meeka. She does everything by hand and produced some wonderful images of Rikuo, Donovan and Male Felicia. I have yet to post those here. She actually sent me the original prints and they are even more fantastic then the scans. At first Calais was going to be nude, but Persuastrix redrew him one day with his costume on. The image really captured the characters nature so well, I decided that we should axe the nude and just go with this one. (Which says a lot about how much I love this! Me give up penis????XD)

I really do think this is one of the best Sworn fan arts out there. The purple background combined with the soft colours used on Calais himself all make such a beautiful image. She really captured him perfectly. His eyes and hair are really well done. There's even a bit of his chest hair showing. ^_^

I'm going to save the Rikuo images for another post. Today I wanted to show off her Wonderful and very playful takes on Dimata she did last summer. I believe they were completed in July. She did three version of him. All so sexy. The one below is my favorite. I love his big friendly smile!

Awe, come on and play with this well built stud won't you? This is one inviting image! XD

This is actually the first awesome picture she did of him. She followed Nookiedog and Jacy-J's example and did him hairless to start and later added hair to him. :)

This Dimata is a cool, calm loner. I like it, he has a bit of danger to him! His eyes are so wicked, they have a sort of Asian feel to them. The idea of giving him big strong hands, fits with other the mammoth features.

A cute small sketch!

I hope you guys and girls will check out her galleries. She has tons of fantasy art. I have commissioned her many times and each experience was great and problem free.

Speaking of images that have never made it to my blog and that I should be mad at myself about, check out this sequel image doney by good old Uly. ^_^ This was such a pain in the butt for him. He lost the original image and had to start from Scratch. How he still has the head of long flowing hair after that, I don't know! Hee hee. He is one strong determined artist.
Here we have Zahn and Jonah enjoying each other on the roof of a Castle. Mmmmm XD

My Reaction:

Ah poor Uly, you went through so much trouble. This pic was well on it's way then boom, the image was lost. But you pulled through and I think this is much better then the first one you had anyway! :)
Zanh is so great dominating Jonah! You did a great job capturing both! Ah, through limits regarding clothes, etc. you provided an image shows they are relaxed in their love making. Taking their time, allowing themselves to let their guard down enough to get getting naked. The man are enjoying themselves away from the world, hidden and safe from prying eyes!
This image gives the feeling that they were alone on top of a tower, or on a high level of the castle, the cool night air caressing their skin. I love the gorgeous storm clouds! It gives it a 'calm before the summer storm' feeling. This is one hot, yet peaceful scene.

Thanks Uly!!! :):heart::heart::heart::heart::happyhappy:

Ok let's end this with something new!

Here we have Demonas newest Chibi! It's Camili-Cat in his Skater gear! A bunch of us got to watch her draw him live yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I got to even learn an few things about colouring! Woo! He's so cute! She even gave him a little ripped fabric hanging down from his pants! XD There's some great details and wicked ass shading in this image.

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