Friday, August 27, 2010

Nude Nehme

FallenAngel showed a lot of interest in both Mayan characters by Lastmanouthere, so I requested him to take on Nehme. As usual I got a lot more then I expected! ^o^ He decided to let Nehme release his holy serpent. (Which is attracting the attention of another of it's kind in the background.) He's very proud too, it's rare to see him bare a carefree smile. One thing I found very cool was how in the sketch I could see the entire penis head under the foreskin. Fallen drew this to make sure the head had a good shape. You can see the top of the crown is where the wrinkles stop. As you can see his crown is huge. Fallen then went and added lots of wrinkles, making the skin look nice and thick instead of tight. Love that little tip poking out.
He followed Lastmanouthere and my design very well adding little differences and touches of his own on Nehmes outfit. He looks like he has let his hair grow a bit here. The large bangs are so big they almost look like sideburns. XD Really love that crazy arm with the small elbow. Reminds me of a bit of Han from Guardian Heroes.
Fallen loves his backgrounds. A stone statue, a beautiful temple and even a UFO!!!? LOL XD He was having way too much fun and I love him for it. It's an amazing piece. Thanks man.


  1. Glad you like my ver and hope the others will like it too..yeah I just HAVE to put a UFO I cant resist it! XD - FallenAngel

  2. Awesome job bro! :)


  3. thanks :D

    - FallenAngel



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