Monday, August 2, 2010

Amron Love! Madiunshorn and MiOworks do the Dilim!

Urbanmusiq has been hard at work on his own comic THE DILIM. It's gonna be epic. An action adventure set in the mythological past of the Philippines. The creatures might be the stuff of nightmares, but Urbans three protagonists are three of the sexiest visions come to life. Led by Amron; Stone and Sabell are on a quest to rid the land of the Dilim. These creatures ruined Amrons life and constantly threaten his homeland. Nothing not even the Gods themselves will stand in their way!

I pretty much fell in love with Amron and his friend and rival Stone. So just for the fun of it, I asked Maduinshorn and MiOworks to take them on in couple gift commissions for Urbanmusiq. A thank you for him and a chance to see how others would embrace his OCs. That is always something I enjoy doing. :)

Let's start with MiOworks! I wanted to do a cross over with my first character, Tonia. So I asked that he be paired with Amron, cause well I couldn't get enough of MiOworks Tonia! XD Amron has wondered into Prehistoric Paradise and is about to have an amazing time.
This commission was done so fast! He did it like a day!!!! :O I was shocked. I gave MiOworks a basic pose and he had a lot of fun with it. He thrusted out Tonias bubble butt. It's squirming in the breeze as he goes to town on Amrons dick. I really like the inclusion of Amrons hat. I had mentioned it as being a cool accessory. MiO had a great idea for it. Amron looks so naughty as he peeks from under it with that big grin on his handsome face! Hee hee. Awesome work.

"You are not Dilim Reptile man. Fuck you are friendly..."

"Reptile? I'm a dinosaur yo! You come across any cold blooded brute with a mouth as warm as mine?"

This is the first color commission I ever got from MiOWorks and I am very impressed. It so juicy! XD From Tonias nice blushing cheeks to the shine on the muscles, his coloring extraordinarily beautiful. The characters are so crisp and clean looking. The look like a perfect animation frame from a high budget anime movie. :)
Really like the slightly Asian decorative background as well. Sweet!

I talked about pairing Stone and Amron together with Maduinshorn about 3 weeks ago. He really liked the characters as he was familiar with both. I told him that Stone had never been drawn nude before, not even by Urbanmusiq. He was very excited and honored to be the first to do him in the buff. Of course we asked each other the most important question of all...cut, or uncut? I had asked Leon this a little while ago and he had not decided as yet. So I threw the reins right to Mario. I said you choose! Hee hee and well you will see what he did below. I said lets give him a deep purple head to go with that thick shaft and the results are perfect.
Usually Mario and I only talk about a background closer to completion of the image. This time from the first sketch, I said put them in a bath house! XD I suggested a towel and a bucket and Mario got them perfect. What a great background too. Lots of nicely done wood decorating! :) The place is very classy.

Stone towers over Amron in supper buff Maduinshorn glory. I had no idea that Stone was to be bigger then Amron until recently when Urban showed me an image of themmstanding together. Maduinshorn you must have a crystal ball. :P Stone is awesome with his big toothy smile, magnificent abs and huge uncut dick. He's a total bruiser! ^o^
It's funny how in both images someone is squeezing their own nipple! That says something about Urbans chests I guess. XD Gotta love Amrons perfect ass dripping in sweat. Really love the sexy eyes Mario gave him. They grab right onto you the second you look at the image. :O God he is that arm. It's heavenly.
Madiunshorn wanted to make this as special as he could and tried out a new coloring technique that makes the characters look portrait like. I like this new technique. The way he did the scar on Amrons penis is really life like. :)

4 big beautiful beefcakes done by two sweet and gentle artists, what more could I want? :)


  1. Mi O´s faces are amazingly cute, and Tonia´s in this one is no let down whatsoever!
    As for Maduinshorn, there is just something about his bodies that makes them very lustful!

    Congrats on you both!

  2. Pure hawtnes from both artists!!! Mios artworks have that cute style of always but is soo smexy!!!!

    Urbanmusiq characters are really epic *_*

  3. Matt, Mario & Mio... THANKS so much for the Wonderful gifts!

    your take on my OCs are Amazing! i love it :)

    Thanks for your sweet, sweet words DP! Seriously have you ever thought of getting a job as a JOURNALIST? Cause your writing skills are always soo enjoyable to read bro!


  4. haHA! I knew I wasn't the only one who thought you'd make a good journalist. XDD Now we have a second opinion right there above me.

    Three super awesome images in one post, I must say. I quite like all three artstyles here and nice people as well. Plus, I mean the characters look great as well. :B I may try commissioning someday!

  5. Maduinshorn and MiOworks , dang those 2 works you did is sooo hot in the shower and Tonia's bum! you guys rock hard.... - FallenAngel



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