Sunday, September 29, 2013

Belvadar Offers JD A Treat On Halloween

31 more days till HALLOWEEN!!! Alright then, it is time to get the season started around here! So today I have what an image that started out as a simple sketch of JD, (a gift for Guytoonist.) But the image refused to exist with out more and more flare. (This was very much due to Baralusts enthusiasm in drawing Belvadar and JD together and Aneroes's willingness to grace the sketch Bara did with completed lines and magnificent colours!) So here we have Belvadar, a choice in each hand, offering his werewolf friend a sweaty, or a meaty treaty this All Hallows Eve! Enjoy and let the Halloween season begin in DPK!

 I already started my Halloween shopping.  Coffin Crisp?  I was all over it.  Seriously..I need to buy another bag, this one is all gone!!!  Now if only the bars were shaped like coffins...

When the Kerr's Molasses Kisses starting gracing the store shelves, there's no turning back!  Halloween is here! 

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  1. Make sure DP not including the "thick" sauce on the candies for the kids XD



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