Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Meet the Dilophosaurus Brothers!

An idea for human/carnosaur cross can be difficult to come up with if you are trying to keep the character fairly human. I have seen it done though, so I wanted to see if I could take a crack at it as well. For years and years I had the idea of a merman with a frill around his penis, much like that of the Frilled Lizard and the Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park. He came to me when I was 17. Well, I took that concept and applied it to a Dilophosaurus man. Interest in him was good back in July. I found 3 artists willing to take him on. Lastmanouthere drew him back in October and just a few weeks ago, Voider/Aneros and Caravaggia gave the boy some skin tone and pizazz! And Ginrom came up with a name for him!

Here for the first time ever is the combined efforts of all our imaginations:

Drival The Dilophosaurman. When Erect the Frill opens for a 9 inch surprise! Don't let him spit in your eyes!
A young Jungle inhabitant, he has feathers for hair that he wears in a long pony tail. We even gave him feathers instead of under arm hair. He is a pure trouble maker. A practical joker and bandit.
Lastman took my humble sketch and gave him a smoking hot body. Very built indeed. I think it's nuts how he got the frill to work so well around his neck. It makes him look really very elegant and makes the neck stand out as thick sexy pillar. XD

I like his very human face with the thick eyebrows. I think dark brown was a great choice. Voider gave him some excellent shading. He went on a limb and gave him scaled skin! That's pretty bad ass. Lastmans chest looks even more smooth done in that yellow tone. This is the first time I asked for a YELLOW PENIS HEAD. What do you guys think? I think what I love most about Voiders colouring is how fitting to a dinosaur it is. It reminds me of Godzilla a little bit!
Voider presented me with a couple variations to choose from. Here is the runner up, which is gorgeous as well.

Dancing to the tribal Beats.

Lastmanouthere so enjoyed drawing him, he came up with a second character as well. He drew two images with some variations and instead of dumping one for the other, we decided the boys should be brothers. I mean, how could I not fall in love with this dancing enigmatic character? Some how the genius idea of having the frill placed like a cape on his shoulders was added to him. Cava gave his younger sibling a smooth cartoony colouring job. It looks so great. He has a pink penis head. The lighter skin tone to exemplifies the fact that he is a calmer cooler character. He turned out to be dreamy!
This boy has yet to be named. So any suggestions are welcome.

The younger brother has a thinner build with a longer torso. He sports a red stripe over his eyes and an almost completely bald head. He has the pony tail in the back of his head like his brother. Check out those Legs!!!! I really love the playfulness of this character. The combination of Lastmanouthere's art and Cavas coloring is perfect for him.

The very first image I drew of him.

Thanks guys! Having so many people work on a character was a great experience. I feel they got the royal treatment for each of you.

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  1. Lol. I am pretty sure you showed me him before. I never really thought of it much until seeing it now. That's a really off-the-wall design. In a good way, though. XD It sparks originallity. Nice job!



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