Sunday, July 5, 2015

Big Hero Six Tadashi Hamada In His Tighty Whities

Hey Guys?  How was your weekend so far?  Mine started with a big surprise from Urbanmusiq. Leon De Leon sent me a full color version of Tadashi.  Now we can all enjoy him in his tighty whitie glory!!  Leon brought the sexy and then sum here.  This is his first drawing using his wacom tablet.  Do you guys see any differences compared to his other works?  I think Leon made his cock bulge bigger. Look at ths size of that thick head and shaft hiding below the cover of whiteness.  Leon certainly knows how to draw the eye to a mans muscle structure.  Tadashi has some big beautiful doe eyes too...Mmmm...It's so nice to see so much of him in the art community. I'm happy to have something to contribute to that! :D  Thank you dearly Leon!!!



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