Sunday, July 19, 2015

Joni Leader Of The Bone Hunter Tribe

Hey guys, I got a couple super treats to share with you today.  Continuing his quest to flesh out his Bone Hunter Tribe, Lastmanouthere has been busy at work both writing and drawing.  As you saw in the previous post, he did wonders with twin brothers. Now he has shifted gears from the least experienced to the bravest of the bunch. I am referring of course, to the glorious spectacle below, who is Joni Leader of the Bone Hunter tribe.  He is the one who teaches paleontologist Ignatio D'Marrow in the ways of the Bone Hunters.  He sees the greatness in Iggy, despite him being an outsider.  He excepts him not only into his community, but also as the lover of his teenage brother. 

Joni is the leader of the 21st tribe where Ixy ends up. He is a good-natured kind man, which made some of the tribesmen to doubt his capacity as leader.  They instead support Ier, who was not only the best hunter, but also had shamanic wisdom. Old Ier liked hunting more than the prospect of leading the tribe.  Since Ier loved and respect Joni so much, he developed an aloof, caustic persona so that others would prefer his beloved Joni over himself.  It worked and over time Joni earned the respect and title he so rightly deserved.
The big man wasn't aware of this until after his naming as leader, and loved Ier even more so for trusting him and helping reach such a honorable position.
Joni is the big brother of Keri, who becomes Iggy's most faithful companion. He is decided to make Iggy a true Bone hunter, one who is not only worth of the title, but also deserving of the love of his teenage brother Keri.

You may have noticed that Joni wears a suit of amour that is reminiscent of another hero.  Lastman took inspiration from our first creation together, Skelldon for the alluring and dangerous costume.  He looks very regal in that outfit. How this relation between Skelldon and the bone hunters came to be, is still a huge mystery.  For now we can all enjoy these two pieces of Joni.  I welcome him with honor and pride to my our kingdom and hope you will enjoy every inch of his magnificence.

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