Saturday, July 11, 2015

Splatoon Obsession

Hey Guys...You might wonder why I have been posting so little since May. There are many reasons.  One of the major ones though, is my complete and total obsession with the game Splatoon.  I wasn't even sure I wanted to open it, or the Amiibos on launch day.  It only took one play session to hook me in.  And hook me it did, 160 hours later I CAN'T STOP.  2 am in the morning sessions are becoming the weekend norm.    That's something I am both ashamed and proud of at the same time!  It's probably the most fun I have had playing a video game since, well I can't remember when!  Not even Spelunky held me in such a tight grip.  (For the record that game was never 'fun', it was just an obsession.) 

The game doesn't really feel like a Nintendo product. With it's off the wall soundtrack, odd world and 'hip' characters, it puts me more in mind of something Sega would have produced during the those golden Dreamcast days.  This is all a good thing.  It's the game Nintendo needs, it's just on as system no one wants. (Ha, much like Dreamcast in that way too!)

About a week in, after I beat the one player and all the Amiibo challenges, I turned the game off one night and I thought  "Well, this is it. I played the crap out of it. I loved it. Time to move on."  That didn't happen.  I kept going. I kept clinging to my roller winning and winning. (Sometimes losing and losing of course.)  Ranked Mode I have avoided as much as possible though.  I get that some people enjoy it, but to me it's just frustration and little more.  Even when I go on a winning streak, my nerves get a bit shot. I know when to stay away from stress, so I do my best to do so.

One of the greatest parts of the game so far, was the Splatfest.  A one day event where you took gear you leveled up and used it on that day to fight your hardest for your team.  The teams were dog and cat.  I said jokingly to my friends, I was fighting with the spirits of my lost loved ones at my side guiding my moves and watching over me.   Funny enough, I saw a multitude of posts from people in game saying the same thing. Many had pictures of dogs with angel wings. There was this sense of community and pride. It was silly I guess, but you couldn't help feel it, when you saw those posts.  I started in at 6 am and before 10 I was at the top level of Dog King.  I don't think I ever played so well.


 In the end Team Dog one and for reaching the highest rank I was given the equivalent of  $720,000 as reward.   You wanna keep people playing?  That's one hell of a smart incentive to do so.  Even the losing team got huge rewards, if they ranked well enough.

Beyond just playing the game, I have been actively seeking out Nintendo events to collect Splatoon merchandise. I picked up some Wii U controller decals and sticker sets at the Mario Maker event at Best Buy a few weeks ago.

Today I headed to the Yogurty's in Oakville to check out the Splatoon tour.   They had a nice display, as you can see.  There were banners along the parking lot, a picture booth area, plus free button and coupon giveaways.  The buttons were not that impressive.   With the soundtrack for the game blasting, lots of people were gathering around to try this odd little game out. I entered the contest, but I doubt I will be that lucky! I did enjoy some inkberry frozen yogurt.  It was very good. It's been ages since I had some!

Well that's about it. I have purchased stickers for my car and even a T-shirt.  I know if they make plush, or figures, I will be first in line to buy them. LOL.  Okay not first, but I will be buying. :P  I guess all I can say is, if you haven't tried the game and you have a Wii U, you really should give it a shot.  It's super easy to pick up and play.  It's not perfect. I've raged at the camera on numerous occasions, especially during the one player game.   The map rotation needs some fleshing out as well.  For all it's little faults the game is by far the best thing Nintendo has produced in a half a decade.

Rest assured I am still doing projects.  Fallen and I have been working on a story featuring Tyrells dad for a few months now. The project is running long.  It's probably going to be over 20 pages by the time we are done. Fallen has fallen very sick and for the last 2 weeks, the project has had to come to a halt till he fully recovers.

If anyone wants to help me draw some Sexy Splatoon characters, please let me know! 

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